"I never said that and I don't believe it." (Or: Justice Sanders Contends His Race Comments Were Taken the Wrong Way)


Now he knows what it's like when you lose something dear to your heart. Like your right to marry the person you love.
The point being, right-wing/libertarians have deep roots in Christian militantism. And the most important aspect of that thought-from is being persecuted and manipulating from weakness. If he stated these things clearly *before* he lost, he couldn't crow & whine about the injustice of the system and the cruelty and ignorance of those "naive white liberal Seattlites" after his defeat.
Oh, Justice Sanders is just SO full of shit. Like most rich, white males, he has an insanely overinflated sense of entitlement, which leads him to believe that everyone should defer to him even when what he says is patently stupid, wrong and offensive. Good riddance. As I posted last month:

Sanders was quoted in the Seattle Times as having said (and to my knowledge he has never denied this):

[H]e hasn't seen evidence that African Americans are disproportionately imprisoned because of race . . . .

But the Ninth Circuit--the second highest court in the land--held in January of this year that

[D]isparities in the state's justice system "cannot be explained in race-neutral ways" . . . .

This was a very well-publicized decision originating in Washington State. Sanders HAD to be aware of this. He just chooses to ignore the evidence that was proven in many, many years of litigation. There was an EXTENSIVE record in this case.

Which makes him typical for a rich, white, male. Anything in reality that does not conform to his belief cannot be true or is simply not worthy of notice. Which I guess is ok for a blowhard dumbshit radio or teevee shock jock, but is not exactly the quality we are looking for in a justice of the State Supreme Court.

Richard Sanders, quit whining, shut the fuck up and gain some wisdom, already.