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Are there any bars or restaurants that are going to show the trial?
Now live here .
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Given the tone of the arguments, I'm rather worried that the appeal is going to be declined on the Standing question. I'd much rather win on the substance, resulting in an appeal to the USSC.
@4, not sure why that's worrisome. I think it's one of the best arguments there is. Just because certain backwards religious nuts think gay people shouldn't have any rights doesn't give them the right to use the courts to remove them.
@5 But the question of Standing is not the best argument present. It's an excellent argument given the facts of this particular case, and likely to hold out.

However, the best argument present is that a state prohibiting same-sex marriage is a violation of the Equal Protection clause of the 14th amendment. Without a ruling by the 9th Circuit (and USSC) on that question, we're doomed to simply repeat this tapdance in another few years.
The hostility of these judges was obvious. They need to skip this charade and come out with their ruling in favor of dismissing the vote of the people, just like the previous judges have.

The judges in the 9th are biased, we all know it, you have one at least one, Stephen Reinhardt, that has a conflict of interest as is. It's well known what they favor, so they should save all of us the headache, time wasting energy, tax payer money and just forward this to the Supreme Court already.

Being that the people of California cannot count on their judges nor on their own attorney general to have their votes respected, a fast track to the highest court of the land to have this settled is in the best interest of both sides of this issue.
@7 - You realize that a popular vote doesn't mean squat if it denies an inalienable right, right? If the populace voted to keep black people from owning property, that vote wouldn't hold up. Or do you think it should?

So get off your high, uninformed horse about "the people." It just makes you look dumb. Arguing whether gay marriage is an inalienable right - well, that's a different story - but if it IS, then you're out of luck, no matter what the people say.