Bring it On: Hackers Attack Swiss Bank that Froze Assange's Account


En garde, Swiss Post Office!
Anonymoose strikes again. I've been seeing calls for blood up and down the /b/. Some of it was actually going after Assange for taking credit while his sources for the documents get thrown in prison!
Man, tracking down all those hackers and trumping up rape charges on them is gonna be a real bitch!
chrome: burnt
"Why did it take so long to get here?"

It's always been here... just not evenly distributed.
For those not used to world finance, the post office in China, Japan, Korea, and Switzerland is where you do your banking.

Government deserves Privacy as much as Corporations do - not at all. They're not People.
I like how any idiot who can run a script is a "hacker."

It's like journalists still have the image of geeks pounding at DOS screens over a bad techno soundtrack like we're in 1992.
@6, I love how when you get agitated and pompous you start to capitalize your Nouns. It's very Germanic of you.
We now have Swiss banks, Mastercard, Paypal, a variety of US-influenced businesses, and who knows how many governments lining up to nail Julian Assange to curry the USA's favor. This is a stupid joke, but... the US is about to make this statement come true:

"If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

Taking him down will not stop Wikileaks. Cutting off the funding won't stop it, since it's all volunteer anyway. They'll simply move their releases to torrent or darknets and that is then that. They'll filter it out direct to the media and become a faceless cloud. Well played, my government. You've accomplished nothing but incense an entire culture, escalate a political and ideological fight to absurd heights, and gift-wrapped and handed it a martyr/Christ figure.
@7: The correct term for most of them is "scriptkiddies".
@8 sehr guht, mein herr, uber sehr shoen, was du willst.
Joe for the insightful We Are Legion win @9.

I prefer to call them scriptkidlings.
This is awesome.

because the swiss bank has such a track record of morality. See also every drug kingpin, us banks, dictators, it's almost if like if you need a swiss bank account you are guilty of something.

Wha!? You mean it's not like this?
Will @12, perhaps that should be Scriptenkinder to fit the theme of the thread.
Hm, I don't know. Knocking over their website with a DDoS attack is hardly all the Gibsonian. The Panther Moderns and associated hacker team would infiltrate the bank's actual network and scramble all the account data, whilst pinching several mil for themselves and Assange's defence.
This has been our reality for a number of years now, remember, the revolution will not be televised.