Special Session Coming This Month


Tunnels? Any cuts for tunnels....
I vote prisons. Boot everyone out that isn't in for a violent crime. I'm tired of paying for housing and food for people that aren't a threat to me. Change the laws to give people a fine and community service. Time to rejoin society and get a job.
I vote to defund the Billionaires' Tunnel.

And prisons.

They asked us to cut the size of government - let's end the subsidies for the rest of the state.
@1 OOOH, and tunnels!!! But sadly that falls under the "if money was raised from a substance that we paid billions fighting for overseas and benefits mainly other countries, then we have to spend it on roads so that we can use even more of that stuff" rules.

Buy a book and the tax can be spent on roads. But buy a gallon of gas and the tax can't be spent on education. Because cars apparently are our #1 priority.
@4 there is a difference between repairs and insane wastes of gas taxes.
Save the date Dec. 16: Publicola's lined up a tunnel debate of their own with both sides: McGinn, O' Brien, Cary Moon on the one hand, Tom Rasmussen, Ed (Big Dog) Murray on the other. More panelists and a moderator TBD.
And there goes my kid's health insurance.

Thanks, voters!