The Big [Surprise] Payback


So you suppose NOW the Democrats will find something positive to say about the bailout, since the election is over?
So, the same government, run by Republicants, that repealed laws that put us on the brink of astonishing disaster, gets credit for it's last minute repair job. Than let's see what they have learned as they now plan to once again repeal new laws put in place to prevent the same things.

Well, clearly they've seen that we can have our cake and eat it too: banks can continue to operate unregulated Ponzi-Scheme type financial programs, and if they lose their shirts, the government will bail them out, after which they'll somehow manage to make a ton of money anyway, and pay us back with interest.

I believe some people (not me, but I can imagine they're out there) would call this a "win-win".
I'm in the process of closing my WAMU, now CHASE account and switching everything over to my BECU account.

Not only are credit unions not evil, they actually have better APY's.

Using a bank is dumb dumb dumb.
Right on, passionate! I've long had an account at the Washington State Employees Credit Union and have been very happy with it, especially their single-digit credit card rates.

I do keep a no-fee account at a national bank just to use their no-fee ATMs. As soon as they start charging me for the account, however, I'm outa there.
"banks are still the vampires of the lifeblood that courses through the social body, the general intellect."

For centuries antisemites have been saying exactly the same thing, and it was every bit as stupid, paranoid, and ignorant coming out of their mouths as yours, Charles.

P.S. Taxpayers have profited from most of the bailouts, including the suspiciously named "Goldman Sachs".
anytime someone claims taxpayers made money of the bailout, go check out this:
200 billion to Fannie, Freddie, and AIG that will never be repaid.
@7: Thank you a lot for that.