Bad Shit's Going Down in Texas


And all Joe Straus has to do to keep his job is start chanting "DEATH TO PALESTINIANS!!!".
I don't have a violin to play for poor ol' Joe Straus.
Any Jew who supports Repugnants is going to get a dose of "you're going to hell" southern hospitality.
"They're some of my best friends" doesn't get bolded?

Jewish must be the new gay.
"They're some of my best friends" / "I was only following orders"

Two sides of the same coin.
@4 - More like "Everything old is new again!"

I'm shocked at the level of antisemitism that's crept into the news lately. It's time for every sane person to point at these bigots and yell "Unacceptable!" as loudly and often as possible.
I think Joe Straus has a different definition of prejudice than I do.
Dipfuck Cook needs to read up on his US Constitution. It's illegal to use religion as a litmus test for public office. You'd think, if he really stood for teabaggers' stated principles, he'd know that.

The question is not how stupid Cook is re the Constitution - it's whether the entire rest of the teabagger movement is equally cretinous.
So if Jesus came back to earth (and this dude likely thinks that's going to happen soon), being Jewish would disqualify Jesus from public office?

It's been pretty consistently clear that at the same time many of the teabaggers who are claiming to be protecting the constitution are profoundly ignorant of its contents, from the lowly individual FOX news fans all the way up to Sarah Palin, who has religious litmus tests of her own.

See Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's excellent editorial on the religious-evangelical agenda that Sarah Palin (or her ghost writer) espouses in America By Heart:…
If there is a petition out there to let those Republican Southern Governors take their states out of the Union does anyone know where I can find one to sign?
A guy who threatened to have his state secede wants to be president?