SIFF's New Home


Its a simple, decent adaptive reuse of a San Juan Room- but what the heck is that forest of coconut flakes on shish-kabob skewers?
Its not in their little virtual tour.
Is it an architects idea of art?
It's munchies.
God, this pisses me off.
Why is this OK but a Chihuly museum built on a vacant lot isn't?
Everyone moaning about "public land being given away" 2 months ago should be outraged. But, no.
Well tacomagirl, the Chihuly museum will be a for profit business, and SIFF is a non-profit. Maybe that doesn't make a difference to you, but it certainly does to me. It's the same reason I support the KEXP proposal over a Chihuly museum.
SIFF is not only non-profit- it actually SERVES the public.
Chihuly is all about Chihuly making Benjamins, y nada mas.

SIFF brings non-commercial films to town, so anyone who is interested can see them.

this is an entirely appropriate use of the San Juan rooms, just like the VERA project is. These rooms are ancient- built for the worlds fair in 1962- and unless you tore down the entire building of them, not very useful as commercial rentals. They were designed as temporary exhibit spaces, and that is what they have been used for ever since, for Bumbershoot art shows, poetry readings, and other PUBLIC uses.

Public land should be used for public benefit- and SIFF is just that.