So Let Me Get This Straight, City Council: Street-Level Stickers are an Illegal Eyesore, But Billboards on Skyscrapers are a Beautiful Moneymaker?


Sure, so long as they can keep you poor and middle class out of their Billionaires' Tunnel with $8 to $10 round trip tolls, everything is good.

Besides, you're just the huddled masses who pay the sales tax that funds everything, it's not like you matter, right?
Fuck the city council, bunch of assholes.
I have a backpack full of stickers and spray paint, please post your addresses and I will be right over.
Oh, I LOVE billboards. Seattle needs tons of them. Big ad kiosks on the street corners, too.
@3 I live at city hall. Please come over and do your damndest.
Thank you, Eli. You said it now I don't have to.
Yes, fucknuts. Stickers by loser "artistes" are an eyesore. Signs are part of what make cities go.

You dumfucks at the Stranger with your love of dirt and vandalism are exactly why greedy developers have such an easy time getting anything they want out of the city council. Attempts to articulate intelligent progressive urban policy gets muddled into incoherence by your childish love of destruction and your nihilistic misunderstanding of what avante garde and counterculture are. You're like a college boy who thinks his Bob Marely poster is edgy.

If you want to live in a pig sty, go make your home a pig sty. Stop telling the rest of the city to live in one too.
Well, I for one have ever heard of this "Bob Marely" of which you speak, so for all I know maybe he IS an edgy avante gardiste for the contemporary college-set...

Spelling flames? Really? Thanks for making a contribution today.
YES moron! There's a big difference between the thousands of graffiti stickers that uglies up the streets and SIX signs that encourage businesses and jobs into our empty downtown offices.

Damn clueless hipsters. I don't know why I read this lazy slack-jawed blog sometimes...
Former deputy mayor Tim Ceis isn't lobbying for sticker makers, though, is he? He got hired by Russell Investments to make today's legislation happen so they can get what Tim himself might call "their fucking sign".
Yeah...this is comparing apples to oranges. Stickers on private property without permission = vandalism. Putting the name of a business on the side of a building, with super strict requirements, including working with the Design Review Board prior to erecting the signs, is completely different.

Feel free to pull your head out of your ass.
Whatever you do, don't tag that billboard.

You know with something like Brussel Sprouts instead of Russell Investments.

You're welcome.
Stickers cover up space that could be converted into advertising. Stickerers are stealing from the corporations!