It's amazing that for all the years before "South Lake Union" became the place to be, the Seattle Center was an oft used and well loved (and financially sound) institution.

The place was always crowded on weekends.

The food court busy.

The entertainment...hoakey, but loved.

Once again the Density Scam Artists, the "Real City" Scamsters, and Transit Bandits have walked through and taken the furniture and left us with the bill.

If they want more people at Seattle Center, they should run the bus lines from Capitol Hill to there more frequently.
You mean like the 2, 3, 4, and 8, Will?
Cienna, I'm not getting your argument. The rent arrears means fewer dollars to the Center. The Chihuly Monument means more dollars to the Center. Why wouldn't the ongoing financial pressure of late renters, like Crosscut says, cause the Center to look for paying tenants? Your argument is simply passing on a PR talking point of Center management, not making any sense in the real world.
So according to Cienna's logic, she would not be helped by a steady check of say, $10,000 a month writing for, say, The New Yorker (ok, that's a joke). ย Her shitty salary from The Stranger is all she needs, even when they fail to pay her on time and she would in no way ever be helped by that extra $10k. She would obviously turn it down.


I can't wait to watch this astro-turf campaign if yours go poof.
How much is SIFF paying to rent the space their new offices will be in? Anything?
So far the best argument the Stranger, WiS, etc. have come up with is: "But, but, but, but ...Chihuly sucks."

Yeah, we know and some of us even agree, but here's the big rub: He pays his bills on time.
I don't follow #1's specious argument. I'm guessing that those three non-profits are having financial problems because the COUNTRY is having financial problems and attendance is down and there's less government/corporate funding out there for them. (Also, at least in the case of Intiman, some alleged mismanagement).

Not sure what urban density has to do with a crappy economy.

And, bus service from the Hill to Seattle Center, IS kind of crappy. Especially at night when most of those venues have performances. (though, the #8 is better than it used to be.)
last time I checked the 2,3 and 4 don't go to Capitol Hill, unless you think Downtown is Capitol Hill .... @3
@9, the 2 goes up Seneca, past Virginia Mason, and hits Broadway at Union. That's Capitol Hill. I don't know about the 3 or 4.
Shorter WiS:

Make a wild claim. Be called out on it. Backpedal and move the goal posts.

Rinse. Repeat.
@10 no, that's First Hill.

You must be new here.
Technically Union is Capitol Hill with the boundaries being Madison and 23rd. Although First Hill claims it's Hill to a cross over area to Pike Pine.

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