I agree with Klein that her thought was original enough to merit exactly a tweet.

What do we think of the "Evolution of God" author's New York Times "virtue and vice teeter-totter" piece this morning?
It turns out our government has been lying to us about whether we have troops in Pakistan engaging in combat operations. The Pentagon has said the mission of American soldiers is confined to “training Pakistani forces so that they can in turn train other Pakistani military,” but in fact our forces have been embedded in Pakistani fighting units, giving them electronic data and other support as they kill the enemy.

We know this because of WikiLeaks. It’s also thanks to WikiLeaks that we know about America’s arrangement with the President of Yemen: we kill Yemen-based terrorists and he claims that Yemen is doing the killing.

In these respects, I think, WikiLeaks is doing God’s work. I realize there are tactical rationales for both of these deceptions, but I don’t see them trumping the bedrock right of citizens in a democracy to know when their tax dollars are being used to kill people — especially when those people live in countries we’re not at war with. So, if we’re going to calculate Julian Assange’s net karma, I’d put this stuff on the positive side of the ledger.…
Wiki-Leaks is a fraud!
Agree with your comment on democracy and capitalism, but even if the sexual assault charges are being manipulated internationally, it's no excuse for anyone to repeat the worst fallacies about rape: See Sandra Cuffe's well-articulated rant (if that's not an oxymoron).… Key quote: "Why is the reaction 'this is bogus!' as opposed to 'why can't the investigation and prosecution of all sex crimes worldwide be so damn efficient?'"
This is the best Charles Mudede post ever.
@4, that's a terrific link. Thanks.
@4: even her rant admits that the law is "little-used". so maybe you can concede that the lightning-fast international arrest warrant over this TYPE of rape (i won't argue that it doesn't cross the line) seems peculiar at best, and evidence of a multi-state effort to silence assange and the website. ad hominem, indeed.
I'm a little confused about the arrest warrant. Is it true that he has not even been charged with anything?

As for the article from #4, she way oversimplifies things, what a hypocrite.
While I have always been staunchly in favor of mitochondria, I remain skeptical about chloroplasts.
@8, Swedish law calls for him to appear as a witness, to determine whether the case merits charges.
Get your facts straight, Chuck. Norway gives the Nobel Peace Prize not Sweden. Sweden gives all the other Nobels though.

Why is the reaction 'this is bogus!' as opposed to 'why can't the investigation and prosecution of all sex crimes worldwide be so damn efficient?

Both reactions can coexist harmoniously. They aren't exclusive to one another. One can lament that sex crimes are under-prosecuted and simultaneously notice that this one is an outlier. It smells fishy precisely because it's unusual.
turn dick cheney over to nigeria. same shit different smell.
@12, the linked opinion piece is clear on that too.
Meanwhile the Hague - which is in a different country - awaits the arrival of Dick Cheney and the other international war criminals.

War crimes have no time limit.
Joe @9 That works so well with your avatar! Thanks fer the laugh.

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