Finally, Somebody Has the Balls to Defend the Rights of Money


DAE find it in bad taste for Goldy to link to his own blog?
Um, that's not a false equivalent. 15 over the speed limit or 55 over the speed limit - it's still called speeding.
@2- So you're saying 15 equals 55?
JF @2,

Um... your comment is a false equivalency. A union legally spending and disclosing money is not the same thing as a corporation or billionaire funneling political money through some corporate shell in an effort avoid or delay disclosure.

And no, 55 and 15 are not the same thing. By your logic, the Koch's $20 billion in political contributions would be balanced out by my $20 contribution.
@1: HA is one of the best reads around, bar none. And he's actually managed to pull off some statewide and national political impacts from his "little" political blog. Goldy is a treasure. Considering that the Sea Times is not worth even birdcage liner these days, I for one am thankful to have him and the other HA front pagers in out little corner of the world.
@5 I hear if you use it for a birdcage, the ST eats your bird and sells it to Red China and then blames the Middle Class.
Oh, God, another post from this insufferable windbag.
@4 I misread your post, so that's my mistake and I stand corrected.
Great post , Goldy!