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You don't suppose McLiar McBigot McAsshole McCain got to her do you? Doesn't this sound like him? Maybe she wants to be his next running mate!
Whenever Dan starts talking about fucking politicians, I get stiff.

Really, really stiff.
I wish the Democrats would just force a real god damn filibuster.
now calm down, Dan
that's our job
To bad the President wont come out of his office and get angry at them for DADT! He has not lifted a finger to help the cause and has left it in the hands of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid.

Heaves to Betsy he fights for a little civil rights!
Christ, no. You fuck her. Ugh.
@4: Virginfag detected.
On the other hand, if the claim is that the votes are there to repeal DADT and the issue is other aspects of the defense bill, why don't they just introduce a bill that consists of and only of a redaction of DADT? Call the bluff, expose the obstructionism. Or actually get the ban lifted, if they're not lying for once.
#6: don't look at me! Ew!

I'm hoping Pryor and Murkowski tip the balance.
Good thing you left this up to Congress to decide, Mr. President!
Fuck Susan Collins... But make sweet love to Lisa Murkowski...…
I think I'll pass on this one. I've had my quota of right-wing dingbats: zero.

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