What are/were Inside Out Junior Mints?
I think this sucks large, because these were TASTY. But I did see the inside out mints this year...they might have brought them back.
I would like to know why they took away mini-M&Ms for baking. They were semi-sweet and made excellent tiny M&M cookies. Damnation!
What ever happened to mint M&Ms ...
Would Junior Mint Peppermint Crunch do the trick?
So, I was all excited, because I read your post while I was out shopping, and found some mint M&Ms, and thought they would be the same as Junior Mints, so I bought 4 BAGS to send you (and a 5th to eat at home) and then, lo, I discover they are just chocolate flavoured mint, grr. I also got a bag of Smarties, so you could have a US/Canada taste-off of candy-coated chocolates. So, would you like some mint M&Ms, or should I eat them all myself and gain 12 pounds?

A crime against humanity
@6: Wait, mint M&Ms are chocolate-flavoured mint? Or mint-flavoured chocolate? The former sounds like a violation of what M&Ms are all about.
@8 Doh!! They are mint flavoured chocolate! (Frankly, I don't even know how you'd get chocolate flavoured mint, that's just weird, who would say such a thing...?) They're kind of funky, bigger than regular M&Ms, more like the peanut-sized ones, and harder, like Smarties. Not a pleasing experience, all in all, and now I have 5 bags of them!
I blame 14-year-old virgin hackers.
@ 1 I too ask : what are/were Inside Out Junior Mints?

Junior Mints are my all time favorite (mainstream) candy.

Little out of the loop since I only have them when I see a movie in the theater, maybe twice a year :(
The Bartells near my place of employment has cut me off form my xmas candy crack. Andes and the big H's white chocolate candy cane crack. I will be spending my daze off scouring the hill for these delights.
In one of his memoirs, Augustin Burroughs writes about his experience with the Junior Mint people. That should give you an idea of the kind of idiots in charge over there. I think it was in Possible Side Effects, but it could have been in Magical Thinking.
When they don't get targeted profit from a product, they discontinue it. Or if company's other products are suffering in sales due to only one hit product, they stop the particular item from being sent into market.
YES! Totally! Finally someone who wants the Candy Coated Junior Mints as badly as I do. It's the closest thing to M&M sans dairy (dairy-allergy) for us and I bought a slew and froze them for this past Xmas too and now they're gone. What is going on in Junior Mints world?!!!! Gah!
@1 and 11: Inside out junior mints were exactly what they sound like. The inside was a creamy dark chocolate and the outside was mint. I found a box one time, had a few pieces and then my boyfriend ate the rest of the box. I have yet to find them again :(

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