Cupcakes, Ice Cream, and Bears, OH MY!


I tried to bid.
As a matter of fact I bid twice until I realized that no matter how much I would enjoy the battle of an auction, some asshole has an autobid set for ebay and I will never have a chance.

So I am sorry, Stranger, bidding like this is no fun for me and takes the joy right out of it.
these terrible/stupid photo shoots do not make me want to give you money
Why is Strangercrombie always so unintentionally creepy? Or at best creepy/juvenile?
Awh, I think the pics are cute! Perfect in that campy/creepy Christmas-Story way! Although I am disturbed/beguiled by the creepy, furry, xmas....things....are they monkeys? Elves? Sasquatch?
love this generous city!! i'm gettin' outbid!! not in the way that @1 described - i suspect it's between me and one other person and we're both playing fair. but i want want want this item and i hope i can go high enough!
Great, now I feel like three dozen cupcakes!
@1 - eBay is a proxy bidding system. If someone sees an item they like, they can bid the highest amount they would be willing to pay. The bid will show up as $1 or $5 (I forget) more than the current highest bid, and then if someone outbids it, it will automatically be raised to be the highest bid, up to their original bid.

For example, if I would pay $100 for something and the current highest bid is $20, I would enter $100, but the bid would only be raised to $21 (or $1 more than the highest max bid lower than $100). If you come in and bid $25, the system will instantly make the highest bid $26 (me). And so on.

So it's not an asshole with some kind of script, it's just the way it works.