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When I was eighteen, I worked at Michael Reese Hospital on the south side of Chicago. This was one of the favorite songs that my friends played back then. Thanks for the memories!
Oh, man. Sorry to hear the news about Aretha. Pancreatic cancer, ouch. Great clip.
I love that all these would-be jihadist wingnuts are getting caught before they can even blow anything up. They'll have the rest of their lives to rot in a prison cell thinking about it. How's Allah look to you now, punk?
Loves me some Ree. Thanks, Dave.

Some call her a diva, but I call her an archangel because only an archangel can have a voice like that.

I've always wanted to meet her but never got the chance. I know if I ever did get the opportunity to meet her (and a few others on my list), I'd probably just tear-up, fall to the floor, and start kissing her feet. That's how in awe of her talent I am.

I'm very lucky that she is of my generation, of my time. What a voice.
@3: How dumb a jihadist do you have to be to fall for that trick, three weeks after the first one was busted? May all would-be terroists be as stupid.
Meanwhile: hopefully this will end as awesomely as it did in "Demolition Man"…
Hey, child prostitution is a huge growth industry. Jobs are tight, 13-year-old girls are plentiful. And American men LOVE some 13-year-old girl action.

Nice Christmas story here:

Fun to note that Paypal makes a killing on kid prostitutes. I wonder about those Stranger ads....
From the wannabe bomber story:
According to an 18-page complaint, Mr. Martinez believed that the United States was responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and had “accused Muslims of committing the attacks as an excuse to fight them.” He said soldiers were legitimate targets, the complaint said.

Thanks 9/11 truthers.
Re: the attempted bomber:
"...Richard A. McFeely, the special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s Baltimore division"

Dick McFeely? Really?? His parents must've hated him.
re Tacoma donut shop and prostitution: We have a long tradition of that here in the northwest. The donut shop at 1st and Pike was infamous up and down the west coast. Seems it took the average runaway about 24 hours to learn that they should head to Seattle and hook up with Gunther.

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