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I specifically like this:

“No wonder others are keeping silent about Assange’s antics,” Palin emailed ABC News. “This is what happens when you exercise the First Amendment and speak against his sick, un-American espionage efforts.”

You see, Assange is very un-American. He probably feels awful being slammed like this.
One of Sarah's brood probably spilled juice or soda on her computer and short circuited it. When she tried to turn it on and nothing happened, she probably assumed she got hacked.
The real funny thing about this, is that she claims that the hackers are after her personal credit card info. These guys just attacked Visa, Mastercard & Paypal, then attacked your site, because they wanted your credit card? Uh-huh.
Oops. I accidentally skimmed this story and couldn't help guessing Todd Palin's password. These snowbillies make hackers of us all.
Um, Assange is un-Amerrican. He's Australian.
Or, equally possible, she tried to log onto yesterday, couldn't get in because of the Anonymous DDOS attack, and naturally assumed she and the Toddster were the only ones actually affected.

Because, why would these un-'Merkin terroristas go after anyone else?
what is the point of calling an Australian "unAmerican?!!!!"
and how can she blather on about her "first ammendment rights" with no sense of irony whatsoever?!!!!
I bet they forgot their passwords.
"Because she is unable to exist outside of any area that has the public's attention."

Absolutely, she's desperately trying to make herself relevant. If she has to inject herself into a big, unrelated story, so be it. Are we surprised that she has an opinion on something? No. Are we surprised her opinion is wrong and uninformed? No. But to assume that the script kiddies would divert enough power from Visa and MasterCard to attack her is absurd.
"It's is easy to imagine Palin making all of this up."

It's also easy to imagine Palin getting an email stating that she won the Nigerian (that's in Europe, right?) lotto, and then entering all of her banking info.
Translation: Todd went to some sketchy porn site run by Russians and used their credit card number to see hot Russian lesbian action. When she went to buy a case of Burgundy, the card was declined.

Nothing gets past you.
Sarah's staring to sound more & more like Evi Quaid... Watch out for the Star Whackers, Todd!
Let's get real here. She is as always, full of shit. Just because she claims that hackers attacked her site doesn't mean that it really happened.
This is just part and parcel of Palin's terminal victimhood campaign. The problem is, the wingnuts eat it up! They all imagine themselves a besieged minority. Special bonus points for pretending her First Amendment rights have been infringed. It is just vintage Palin.
Charles says:
[S]he is unable to exist outside of any area that has the public's attention.

Uh, butter? Meet lard. Lard, butter.
You wanna keep Palin out of it, you should stop mentioning her on your website.
Why would she and her husband have credit card accounts on her own website?

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