I have a 6-8 page final paper left to write in the next 26 hours.
Drpressing? Gray? It's 50 degrees and sunny here. And I don't have a paper on Marx due.

I do, however, have a bowl of lobster bisque and a bottle of booze in front of me.
I've got bacteria trying to perform a conga line to my kidneys, an antibiotic and pain medication that nauseate me. On the upside I can use raindrops to trace glass constellations upon my window pane. And, the patterns are pretty.
Its official. I am IN. LOVE. With Tim Minchin. I had never heard of him until you posted the white wine song and now I have gone head over heels. Thanks Dan! xo
Oh venomlash, you kids today have it so easy. In my day, we had to write papers ON PAPER, with a typewriter, and WiteOut, without the aid of RedBull. Cry me a river.

(good luck :)
Canuck: True, true. But we had real speed. Beat the hell outta Red Bull.
@Venomlash: Ooh! Sounds fun! I have a couple 12 pagers due next week, on postcolonial theory in The Tempest and on the subversion of the Heterosexual Matrix through gender transgression! I'm psyched; I'm gonna take two of the vacation days I need to use before Jan. 1, go to my favorite coffee shop with my books and notes and laptop, and crank 'em out.

Not that I'm complaining, but what's up with Dan's obsession with Minchin as of late?
Oh yeah! Forgot about that, 5280, when you could just buy "diet pills" at the drug store...ah, the good old days.

Sweet Jesus, John Horstman, you are making my brain ache just thinking about it. My mantra back then was, "I can sleep when I'm dead."
@7 I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that Minchin is a witty and talented out atheist. Kindred spirits.

@3 Hope you feel better Kim, or at least that you fall into an artistically nourishing delirium until you do.
"a three-nippled naturopath in the days of the Spanish Inquisition!"

Tim Minchin is awesome! Thank you, Dan, for sharing him with us.

And Tim is right. No matter how bad you think it is, someone else has it worse than you.

And sometimes I think hell is right here on earth when I think of all the hellish places I could be rather than where I am.

And I am very grateful for where I am.
@1: I see your 6-8 on Marx and raise you a 10-12 on Milton.
as the dude who emailed Dan the first Tim Minchin video he ever posted I take full responsibility for any enjoyment of this video. :D

and I'm going to see him play with the Sydney Symphony in March, yay

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