That's the wealthy republican mantra:
"I got mine, fuck the rest of you."
The only option when dealing with terrorists is not negotiating with them.

Unless you're Israel - they love to pretend they don't negotiate and then in a leaked diplomatic cable we find they had the US make the deal with the terrorists for them.

Mind you, Palestine is the same way.
Because the obscenely rich need more money! Screw the innocent victims of a horrific terrorist attack and the rescue workers who sacrificed their long-term health to help people in the aftermath, we can't afford it!
maybe cut back on bomb production?
It disgusts me realizing that if first responders were paid like doctors, this would've passed a long time ago.
Bailo? Seattleblues? Dot-Boy? Cat got your tongue?
Just another example of why Republicans are traitors.
As I said in a previous thread, the Democrats need to continuously, unceasingly nail this onto every single Republican who voted against cloture from now until November 2012: "They'll give tax breaks to the richest 2% of Americans who hold 80% of the nation's wealth, but won't lift a finger to help the heroes of 9/11!"

It is disgusting. rudepundit puts it in even starker perspective --

the reps talk a good talk till the voting comes up. then it's BUH BYE
There's conservatism, which is a valuable political philosophy. And then there's just hypocritical greed.
This is starting to seem like the setup for a fantasy RPG. "In the land of America, the people were guided in their every move by the twin spirits of Liberalism and Conservatism, and the land basked in harmonious debate. But one day long ago, the spirit of Conservatism was corrupted by the selfish musings of some greedy bastards, and lashed out, forgetting its true principles, deceiving the people, and viciously attacking its counterpart Liberalism. You are the last hope to restore the cosmic political balance. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?"
why the fuck should america pay for health care for any politician? tell me that? i blame everyone who votes republican and anyone who identifies with the republicans and the tea party and all of their lies. they wave that patriotic flag high and loud when campaigning, but here, where they'd have to DO SOMETHING that shows some patriotism, well, they just walk away and say oh it costs too much! we got our tax cuts everything else costs too much!
this is why these fuckers should not be negotiated with. i wish every goddamn politician and lobbyist would be shot in the head. time to clean house. we are so so so so so so fucked.
@12 and this is how you derail a conversation, by bringing up a red herring.
I'm pretty strongly anti-Republican, but the reason conservatives vote against things like the school food bill is because they think those things should be left to individuals, local municipalities, cities, or states. A vote against something may not mean that a conservative doesn't support the ideal, merely that they don't think it's a federal issue.

As long as they're doing something OTHER THAN filibustering, I think I might be okay with that.
Republicans will be voting no on EVERYTHING (this includes DADT repeal) until the tax bill passes. Then when it does pass, they'll vote to block everything.

Obama is in for a suprise, he's under the dilusion that the GOP is going to vote in favor of these bills once tax cuts for the rich are passed.
According to the CBO this would be more than paid for (they estimated a cost of $5 billion in 2011 to keep them at 2009 levels instead of the planned rate increase to 55%) by keeping estate tax rates where they are (exempt estates up to $3.5 million and tax at 45%) instead of making them sweeter for the rich (the deal is $5 million exemption and 35% rate).

Of course, that'd mean sacrificing a marginal amount of money for the dying rich to help the dying heroes i.e., out of the question.

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