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Oh, give it up.

All the essential stuff is already running in secure channels on Secure stacks in IPv6, not on your IPv4 public space.
DNS is probably the simplest protocol widely used on the internet. It's stupid easy to manage and make redundant.

If your DNS provider can't keep some nameservers up even under DDoS, you deserve whatever bad things happen because you chose a bad provider.
PS Will you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about as usual. Please stop talking... and/or breathing.
@2 - They don't appear to have had any trouble keeping DNS running. We definitely would have noticed. It's making their web services slow, and their blog is down completely. In our experience, EasyDNS has been a very good provider.
seriously Will, explain what on earth you are talking about or shut the fuck up.
I am super confused. Why would Wikileaks supporters want to target the DNS provider for WikiLeaks main domain? I feel there is something basic I am missing here.
@3 no, you probably have no idea what exists on the high grade government, military and business channels that do most of the work.

We've been using IPv6 stacks with Secure layers on top for a while now.

(source: Government Computer News, you fascist pig)
@6 - Oh, sorry, you're right that's not clear. EveryDNS was one of the providers who pulled their service from WikiLeaks under pressure, so they were targeted for that.

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