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So, if we protect gay kids from bullies and make it "okay to be gay", does that mean that wrestling will cease to exist as a high school sport? Can high school theater programs have the money in that case?
The only good wrestling is wrestling with anal penetration.
Um......wrestling use to be naked and oiled. Those real dirty days are gone.
Color me surprised:

Fresno City coach Paul Keysaw said the butt drag is used often in wrestling and that anal penetration does occur on occasion.

"I'm not going to say anal penetration never happens," Keysaw said. "But I absolutely, unequivocally say 'no' that a coach would ever teach his kids to shove fingers up another kids' rectum. That's just a dangerous path to take."

I'm finding it really hard to believe that *anal penetration* is really a result of this move more often than "almost never."

I have to wonder if people are confusing fingers in the butt *crack* with fingers in the butt *hole*.

Also, @1? WTF are you talking about? I don't get the connection you're trying to draw between gay theater dorks and wrestling.

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