Looking forward to her Hold on the Bailouts For Billionaires With Middle Class Tax Dollars "deal" Comrade Obama made.
Already people are blaming Obama more than Senate Republicans.
Murray was one of the primary forces behind postponing a vote on tax cuts before the midterms, so, you know...fuck her.

Exhibit A for why HCR won't be repealed, stupid teabaggers.
@2 I blame the democrat controlled congress. They had two fucking years to repeal and decided not to do it until it was litterally too late to repeal. Now in stead of blaming themselves the democrats can blame the big bad republicans. You know, the republicans who even when in the minority still call all the shots.

oh look
we used TWO words of the day....
Look, the reality is the President could defund prosecutions and pardon those "convicted" today.

But he won't.

You're his bitches, and he sold you out to the Billionaires for a pile of magic beans. And a promise not to tease his girls.
@ 5 It was a Republican filibuster.

YEAs ---57

(D-AK) Begich
(D-AR) Pryor
(D-CA) Boxer
(D-CA) Feinstein
(D-CO) Bennet
(D-CO) Udall
(D-CT) Dodd
(ID-CT) Lieberman
(D-DE) Carper
(D-DE) Coons
(D-FL) Nelson
(D-HI) Akaka
(D-HI) Inouye
(D-IA) Harkin
(D-IL) Durbin
(D-IN) Bayh
(D-LA) Landrieu
(D-MA) Kerry
(D-MD) Cardin
(D-MD) Mikulski
(R-ME) Collins
(D-MI) Levin
(D-MI) Stabenow
(D-MN) Franken
(D-MN) Klobuchar
(D-MO) McCaskill
(D-MT) Baucus
(D-MT) Tester
(D-NC) Hagan
(D-ND) Conrad
(D-ND) Dorgan
(D-NE) Nelson
(D-NH) Shaheen
(D-NJ) Lautenberg
(D-NJ) Menendez
(D-NM) Bingaman
(D-NM) Udall
(D-NV) Reid
(D-NY) Gillibrand
(D-NY) Schumer
(D-OH) Brown
(D-OR) Merkley
(D-OR) Wyden
(D-PA) Casey
(D-PA) Specter
(D-RI) Reed
(D-RI) Whitehouse
(D-SD) Johnson
(D-VA) Warner
(D-VA) Webb
(D-VT) Leahy
(I-VT) Sanders
(D-WA) Cantwell
(D-WA) Murray
(D-WI) Feingold
(D-WI) Kohl
(D-WV) Rockefeller

NAYs ---40

(R-AK) Murkowski
(R-AL) Sessions
(R-AL) Shelby
(R-AZ) Kyl
(R-AZ) McCain
(R-FL) LeMieux
(R-GA) Chambliss
(R-GA) Isakson
(R-IA) Grassley
(R-ID) Crapo
(R-ID) Risch
(R-IL) Kirk
(R-IN) Lugar
(R-KS) Roberts
(R-KY) Bunning
(R-KY) McConnell
(R-LA) Vitter
(R-MA) Brown
(R-ME) Snowe
(R-MO) Bond
(R-MS) Cochran
(R-MS) Wicker
(R-NC) Burr
(R-NE) Johanns
(R-NH) Gregg
(R-NV) Ensign
(R-OH) Voinovich
(R-OK) Coburn
(R-OK) Inhofe
(R-SC) DeMint
(R-SC) Graham
(R-SD) Thune
(R-TN) Alexander
(R-TN) Corker
(R-TX) Hutchison
(R-UT) Bennett
(R-UT) Hatch
(D-WV) Manchin
(R-WY) Barrasso
(R-WY) Enzi

Not Voting - 3

(D-AR) Lincoln
(R-KS) Brownback
(R-TX) Cornyn
But just to add to @9, it's really typically weak of President Obama to say the bill had "bipartisan support."
So, let me get this straight: The GOP refused to vote on the ENTIRE Defense Appropriation Bill, the bill that funds all U.S. military activities, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the next Fiscal Year, because they don't want to repeal DADT?

Did I get that right?

If that's so, then here's another issue the Dems should HAMMER AWAY at until 2012: "Republicans would rather put the lives of our brave service men and women in jeopardy, rather than allow GLBT members ALREADY SERVING THEIR COUNTRY from doing so openly."

Seriously, where do I apply for Tim Kaine's job?
In Obama’s response he didn’t even mention LGBT or DADT!

I blame him...he has not spoken out in weeks/months on this issue to fight for it and sell it!
The US Senate is one of the most un-democratic governmental institutions around the world. You have to have 60 votes in order to do anything and states with 100,000 people in them have as much power as states with 30,000,000 people in them.

Perhaps it is time that we have a revolution and start over?
Cantwell for President in 2012.
It must be weird to be a Republican. Kind of like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. You have no idea that you're going to show up in high school American history text books next to segregationists. The walking obsolete who have no idea that their grandchildren will disavow any connection to them,
hey obama, express your disappointment by unilaterally removing DADT, it is totally up to you so just end it and say FU to FILABUSTERS.

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