It will make a great place to not be able to throw hardballs at the Chihulhy Exhibit from.
Let me guess, they're going to call it the "Eye of The Needle".
@2 - I know you're probably being sarcastic, but I actually really like that name.
15 mins for some bareback action!!
A step in the right direction. Yes, it's kind of cheesy and touristy, but we need more cheese and less class at the center.

It's less than half as big as the London Eye, and barely a third as tall as the one in Singapore, but it's something. It has excitement and interest.

As long as it doesn't crack and have to be taken down like the one in Melbourne!
10/15$ a ride, sound's fucking stupid to me
the Pier 57 wheel goes OUT OVER THE WATER.
This makes me want to barf. Let's just put a giant eyesore next to the symbol of our city so tourists can have fun!
Seems a little strange to add an attraction with the stated purpose of giving an elevated 360 degree view and place it right next to an attraction with the exact same purpose and is over twice as high.
@6 that's about one to two times the cost of riding in the Billionaires' Tunnel, so it's not that much if you're rich enough to think Superbowl tix are inexpensive.

Or even Christmas Bowl tix (Go Huskies!)
sounds somewhat turn-of-the-(last)century to me.

Well, isn't that precisely what the Wrights are already proposing we do?
@8 - It's too late to do anything about the EMP; the thing is already built.

As for the wheel, it's a fairground. Ferris wheels have the potential to be quite charming.
@8 Tourists can have fun AND spend money. Same motivation behind the museum.
How the does "Great City Attractions" get the acronym "GTA"?
Look, I'm not really against this as part of the mix of replacements for the Fun Forest. So long as it's not just a Chihulhy Museum, but a mix of things the city and tourists want, cool.

Needs more Native NW items, though. Those are what bring in tourists. Even if they're fake.
Thank goodness, Seattle Center has been in need of something you can look down on the city from for a long time.
The more Slogging nay-sayers say this will suck, the more popular it will be.
WTF - Cienna and Goldy aren't complaining that this is “commercial use" on public property.

Or that it costs $10-15 (more than a Chihuly exhibition ticket, and basically a buck a minute).

Or that there was not a Request for Proposals and a public process.

Or that this has no green space.

Good thing the wheel won't cost Seattle Center much, if anything; GTA will be shouldering the costs of shipping the wheel to Seattle, as well as construction, installation, and operation costs.

Oh wait, so does Chihuly.

Stranger writers are so stupid.
@19 meh, something had to go in place of the Fun Forest. Just so long as it wasn't a total sellout.
Maybe it's because most people actually LIKE Ferris Wheels @19, whereas almost no one likes pretentious, over-priced blobs of colored glass attributed to an "artist" who makes his minions do all the work.
@15, fixed, thanks.
A roller coaster would be way cooler.
This sounds pretty lame. What "views of Seattle they've never seen before" will people be seeing? This city isn't exactly without hills or tall buildings.
@9 Nailed it. Who wants to pay 15 bucks to go on a stupid ferris wheel, when they can pay 15 bucks or whatever it is to go three times as high on an already established Seattle landmark. Seriously WTF is wrong with this committee?
@24 - Actually, the views were pretty good from the rickety little Fun Forest ferris wheel that used to be there, that is if you could take your focus away from the rusty pins holding you aloft.
What, you can't get out? Then how is James Dean supposed to climb down and help out Richard Davalos control the crowd's anger?
I just can't believe that area of the Center is called "Center Square" ...
I was making guesses on how people would find a way to complain about this idea but I got them allllll wrong. I'll never be a real Seattlite =(
"GTA will be shouldering the costs of shipping the wheel to Seattle, as well as construction, installation, and operation costs."

Read: hastily assembled by Carnies. Slap that puppy in the middle of Volunteer Park and you might actually have something.
@19 - exactly. The cost of a 15 minute ride is about the proposed cost of admission to the museum, and yet there is no outcry. What of the poor, socio-economically disadvantaged families who are not only denied the open space so incredibly precious at the Center, but now must be denied a ride on the millionaire's ferris wheel?

The Stranger just can't get pissy unless they can shower it on a local with a fat wallet. Goddamn clockwork.
@31 the wheel will have a considerably smaller footprint and be in place for considerably less time then that museum.
April 1st, huh? Now why is that date familiar....?
Hmmm, 15 dollars for a few of the space needle's legs, or 2 dollars for a bus to Kerry Park?
The one on Navy Pier in Chicago isn't located right next to a better view and is only 5 bucks.
What was wrong with the classic World's Fair ferris wheel that was next to the space needle last year? It was at least the same height and views. And what was the ride ticket? Only $3 ?

Why force the Fun Forest to sell their ferris wheel and merry go round just to replace it with something that costs five times more the following year? huh?

Has anyone done a survey of parents? Because its going to suck for parents to have to tell kids who want to ride it that they can't shell out $30 plus for a 15 min. ride.

Bring back the old ferris wheel, the merry go round, the water log ride and that cool swinging ship.
I want a log flume made of Chihuly glass. That would satisfy everybody, right?
One million visitors???? More like 100,000....yielding no meaningful revenue for the Center.


It might have something to do with the fact the wheel would only be there for 18 months, as opposed to a minimum of five years for the Chihuly museum; it covers a considerably smaller footprint on the Center grounds than would the museum, meaning people can easily walk around or even directly beneath it, if this image is accurate; it's structure appears to be very open, meaning it won't significantly block views or cast unsightly shadows; and perhaps most importantly, nobody is getting below-market real-estate or a huge tax write-off in exchange for installing this.

Does that help answer your question?
@36, as far as I know, the Fun Forest rides weren't left over from the '62 World's Fair. And this observation wheel will be WAY taller than the standard two-seater one that was there.

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