I'm confused. Why is the link to comments about "Brave New World" in the schools taking me to comments about DADT and/or health care for 9/11 workers?
@5 cause they're the same thing. Now shut up and take your soma.
Also, it's "kerfuffle," not "kerfluffle."
5280 is correct.

Also, I would have laughed really hard if it had actually been banned.
I am dissatisfied in both directions.

As I understand it, while the book isn't banned, and is still on the approved list, it is out of the standard curriculum and will not be taught.

Further, it has been mentioned that Sarah Sense-Wilson has other issues with Nathan Hale High School and it's treatment of Native Americans, including a complaint about diversity day. As I understand it, she has received support in this from others in the Native American community, so she is not a single loony person, but I have not seen any additional reporting about the larger treatment of a minority group issue.

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