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Please say there's no spit or hairy bums in this column...
I'm right with you, Dan. Time to go bug Voinovich again. Can't wait to read the column. May I suggest more accidental valium ingestion?
Oh noes!!!

DADT - Joe Lieberman is awesome!
Wikileaks - Joe Lieberman is Satan!
My skull is imploding. It's a better sensation than the exam I should be studying for. Thanks, Dan!
I'm so confused. I mean, more than usual.
Blocked. The GOP/TP is either preoccupied with its diarrhea or its constipation, or both.

Their ideal is to be either completely stopped up, or running off at the mouth.
I could really use a column about blow jobs right now.
Definitely a weird and exhausting day, I'm right with you there :-P Except I get to read the sex column rather than write it! :-)
I'm so frustrated about DADT I could scream.

I find Lieberman's proposal pretty hard to believe. If they can't get enough votes to pass it with the defense authorization bill, how the hell does he think he can get enough votes to pass it as a stand-alone bill?

I'll believe it when I see it.
A lot of the procedural objections were over its inclusion with the defense bill. We'll see.
Why is Harry Reid the Majority Leader? Can't we just replace him with someone who isn't an abject failure?
Sorry, but fuck Joe Lieberman. Regardless of what he does from here on out.
Welcome to politics in the real world, Dan.
You mean I may, at some point, have to refer to Lieberman without using the phrase "motherfucking asshole?"
Don't worry! Lieberman is just doing it to make someone else look bad, in this case its just to distance himself from McCain and hurt Obama.

Still bad, just that some might benefit from his bad ways this time.
Lieberman irritates and annoys me on every possible level, but if he can pull this off and get DADT rescinded, then I will have to speak kindly of him in the future. Seriously, this is pretty damn important and whoever gets it done is a hero.
@10, the Defense Authorization Bill is huge, and usually gets a lot of amendments. It is vaguely possible that the actual objection was to the inability to add other pork.. uh, amendments to it rather than DADT.

Yeah, right.

But it DADT does get repealed as a standalone, it will be interesting to see what happens with the Defense Bill.
Hey, someone's dong that thing that I though they should have done from the start, to either get DADT repealed or (further) expose Republican hypocrisy! And it's Lieberman? What the fuck?
Yep. I guess you didn't know it all after all.

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