"Gotta go write a sex column"

Now see, I would have gone with "copy and paste," but that's just me...
rule number one: always assume the worst.
I could totally see the Earnhardt thing or the Jarret thing. Auto racing fans can be fanatical in their devotion. The Lindros thing is a stretch, unless maybe they're from Philly.
And for the follow up: the other tattoo is a Sanskrit good luck charm.
Who gives a fuck about this Oldsmobile tattoo compared to the letter in that same column from the SKIN-PICKING FETISHIST.
Where did all the actual letters of the day go? They seem so sporadic this week:(
could be a piano player too.
@6: Oh, I'm sure Dan's just too busy hanging out with the likes of Colbert and Behar and Olbermann and trying to cut some multi-million-dollar deal in Hollywood. He'll be back, don't worry.
@1: This wasn't the column I was working on, for fuck's sake.
@5 Seriously - I really was eating lunch and now I'm scarred for life.
Why are the commenters on slog always so mean and bitter?
@11: You think this is mean and bitter? Shit, come back when we're really pissed-off. This is just good-natured fucking around.
Lynn Swann.
@10, on the bright side, if those scars create skin flakes, by golly you know there's a hungry man who wants to meet you.
It could also be his MOC or he likes the Crazy 88's.

@12 for the insightful win.
@9 Och, dinna get yer knickers in a knot, laddie...

@14 Cracking me up, again.

Canuck, you inspired an f-bomb! Well done.

I note Dan's cat lady Colleen K. is now waaaay ahead in Tidy-Cat votes.
Hah! gloomy gus @5.

Thanks for the flashback. I was once the proud owner of a 1968 Olds Delta 88. A mammoth beast of a car with a truly gigantic engine (for towing trailers!).

Still... I can't see anyone being enough of a fan of that old thing to tattoo it on their arm. :-/
I aspire to be both catty *and* well-shod,'s a trial.
@11 you should have seen us during the 08 primaries, and when ECB was still around, its positively mellow nowadays.
The Crazy 88s from Kill Bill vol. 2?

You know there weren't 88 of them; they just called themselves that because it "sounds cool."
You've got that right, Vooodooo. Ah, those were the days. . . .
Maybe he's really into "88," by the Cool Kids:…
@20 ain't that the truth.
Well silly me, I thought maybe they were Chinese, or an amateur radio operator, or born in '88.
@4, or just the first corner of an awesome maze tattoo...
Will, would you please stop typing the words "...for the insightful win"? Thanks, I appreciate it.
God, lets hope he is a White Supremacist instead of something really awful, like a gay Nascar fan!

"Will, would you please stop..."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Will? Stop?

Ha! Ha! Ha ha ha ha!
In amateur radio shorthand (from the days of Morse code), 88 meant "love and kisses"
The moral of the story is: Don't get tattoos.
@4-- I see what you did there.
If he was a real supremacist, it'd be a nazi tattoo. Haven't you people seen American History X? god!
@7, piano player was my thought as well. 88 keys on a piano.
@ 10 Likewise. That was the first time I've EVER had to stop reading something because I was eating. Scat, MTF surgery, Congress, those horrors I can handle, but brrrr.
This dude probably got his tattoo and his love of man-mouth from prison. I know a couple people with actual swastika tatoos and they claim they HAD to get them while they were in prison, so as to affiliate themselves with white gang members for protection. Why they don't get the damn things covered up now I don't know. My guess would be they are not sure that they can stay out of prison so they might as well keep the swastikas they already have.
I will say if I were a secret nuclear scientist (and into tattoos), I'd probably have the radioactive symbol tattooed on me somewhere, or Ra, or something clever/cute in atomic symbols from radioactive substances (ThinkGeek tends to do funny ones).
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the dude's a racist. Or at least, was a racist at some point. The only other realistically plausible scenario is the NASCAR thing, and any self-respecting redneck race fan's gonna get his tattoo done in a distinctive and recognizable script depicting the team he races for. Though I would have to applaud the dude for being quite open minded as far as racists go.

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