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Hey Cienna (or whoever), go fuck yourself for deleting my post that criticisizes the shitty Strangercombie photo shoots.

They look like shit and maybe that's why you're deleting my perfectly valid criticism. Deal with it. Retake them -- you have a week. This time put some more effort into it than the holiday aisle at QFC and a bottle of Jack.

Until then, fuck Strangercombie.
@1, I have no idea what you're talking about--I neither read nor deleted your previous comment. That said, our web edit team only removes comments that "are off topic, threatening, or commercial in nature."

I can only assume your previous comment fit into one of those categories. Maybe take a chill pill and try again?
Way to blame the "web edit team" (lol? nonexistent?) and not take responsibility for even apologizing that a perfectly fine (but totally rude -- seriously, fuck those pictures) post was deleted for no reason.

Pissing off your daily readers, no matter how trollsome they may be, is how you kill online communities. Slog has already gone downhill over the last couple years; you're contributing to that right now.
@OFD - Chill.
@SLOG - Any excuses for these creepy/juvenile Strangercrombie photos?
Jesus OFD. Isn't there some other part of the internets you can piss on? Freak.
@1: You put more effort into it than the holiday aisle at QFC and a bottle of Jack.
@6: I'm flagging this comment for being nonexistent.
Why so much uproar over the photos? Aren't they pretty similar to last year? Have you no sense of humor?
So, did you know that you guys aren't set up to accept donations (by Paypal, at least) from non-US addresses? So that, say, a Canadian could donate to your once-a-year good deed??
@9, Thanks, I'll alert our web edit team. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!