God that movie sucked.
Good riddance.
Bummer. I'm going to miss these story strips, where the guy could actually draw a little, unlike the clumsy stick-figure garbage that fills my paper every morning, when they're all gone.

But when you dis Apartment 3-G, you're asking for a FNARFDOWN, dag nab it. I'll sic Margo on you.
yah what would the comics curmudgeon do without the ladies of 3-G? theres only so much mary worth you can handle in a day.
That darling Lu-Ann was a linguistics major. So everyone except Fnarf shut up.
Thank you, Lusita, my dear. How much do I owe you?
I wonder how that movie got cast without Madonna?
Señor Fnarf, the one item missing from my personal library is Reglamento y Ceremonial de la Corte, the rules of correct behavior during Maximiliano and Carolota's reign.

So when you go to Mexico City pick me up a copy and we'll be even.

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