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Europeans in general use the term "drink driver" or its equivalent, since you don't have to be drunk to be impaired. In Sweden, for instance, I understand that the legal level is 0.0.

They say that shit in Canada, too! Also, "You are legally impaired in B.C.!"
I think it's because he was actively drinking....
People need to learn how to fucking talk.
I know, right? It's the same in Australia, they refer to drink driving and drink drivers, and it really annoyed me when I first moved here. I'm over it, though, since most things about Australia make the US look like a pile of poo.
@2 Uh, no, that would be, "SORE-y, you are legally impaired in BC." ...I take it you've visited one of our fine Check Stops?
Darn. I was hoping 'drink driver' was a job description. So one could call out for pizza with a side of gin.
Agreed! 'Drink driving' always hits my ear a little tinnily, too.

The other British expression that gets me is when they say 'Ta' for 'thank you'. To my American ears, 'Ta' means 'see you later!' - and always will.

Silly England! (They also drive on the wrong side of the road, the punters.)
@2: I've never heard that said in Canada. I assume you're speaking from experience -- maybe they were calling you a "dink driver"?
with the 'i' and the 'u' right there next to each other, i would have assumed it was just an adorable typo were it not for this comment thread.
@9 Maybe it was "twink driver"??
@11: Or maybe it was "Dinka driver"? Did he give his keys to someone else? Canada has strict laws about this shit.
@12 This is the same guy who said "craggy!" when he meant "crikey!", so it could have been Minnie Driver for all we know...I'm just hoping he puts a big sticker on his car when he drives north, like those "N"s they make you use in Vancouver...
@13: !!! "Big G"
Oh fergawd's sake. Grow up. Brits and Americans have different ways of speaking. Get over it!

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