They are selling brand new 3-bedroom homes in Tumwater, WA for $179,000.

That's $650 a month.

2 people making minimum wage can cover that!

,,,and they'll work where?
Just found one listing in Tumwater:

Pizza Hut

Job Title

Job Type


Pay Type

205 Kenyon St NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Job pays $12/hr x 2 people, thats $800 a week, $3200 a month (on which you will pay virtually no taxes and get an Earned Income Credit, enough to cover any SS deductions). Enough for  $179,000 house at $650/month, basic health insurance with an HSA, $750-1000 a month, food at $300 a month (all home cooked), no mobile phones, no tv, no cable, use only public transportation (be green!), you may have enough left over every month to treat yourself to PIzza Hut as long as you invest $10 a month in condoms....all this depends on being able to do what you're told and not being a fuck up.
@1 - They'll also need excellent credit and $35k down. Not the millieu of the average couple making minimum wage.
Beware the SHA. It's a front that profits on the backs of the needy. They require a $25-30 application fee for an $8 credit check, and then turn down typical applicants who desperately need housing. I'm not talking about violent offenders, or loud, noisy destructive people, or drug dealers. They turn down people who, for one reason or another, have had to break a lease or have had trouble meeting a month's rent due to financial hardship. If you ask me, that ain't no public service.

They are, in short, cold motherfuckers.
@5 - Yeah, I know, right? There are people out there who say, "I have a nice house and a good job, and I eat every day. Why can't you, loser?"

It sure does demonstrate a real lack of perception and a very limited world view, doesn't it? It's like those people who have inherited wealth and can't understand why someone else can't get a foot up.

"@1 - They'll also need excellent credit and $35k down. Not the millieu of the average couple making minimum wage."

Work hard and maybe they can be assistant managers after 10 yrs. The skies the limit unless you're a fuck up.

And how come there are no Koreans in public housing? Must be a 'cultural thing' I guess.
Homey, don't you remember what the SPS Official of Racial Equity told Seattle's kiddies? 'Forward planning' is whitey's thang and racist. Why work hard, get promoted and save for a down payment on a house when you can smoke some crack and make babies all weekend?
@6: they have limited room on their waiting list. the need is greater than their ability to provide housing. someone gets turned down.
Oh why even bother? A bore from Kent, who has gotten all his knowledge of Yesler Terrace from some Spike Lee movie he watched while stoned in 1988, has decided the issue, and let all his personalities know.

Luckily, there are employable people who will make the actual decisions,
@7 or like the people who worked their asses off to achieve a decent financial comfort level and can't understand why someone else can't get a foot up. Since it's pretty easy. Just takes planning and elbow grease.

Inherited wealth my ass.

I have a dear WHITE friend of mine who grew up in a cushy neighborhood in Olympia. But her parents (who, by coincidence are also white) lived in Yesler Terrace when they first got married. I don't think they're story is all that uncommon.

So see, you can have public housing AND elbow grease. (Or, in their case, the GI bill)
Oh, that horrid auto-correct! That should be "their story"
Agreed. But, I don't understand what race has to do with it.
Oh don't mind me. I was just being snarky toward Supreme Leader and his various personalities.

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