I just wish that there were more of Bernie to go around. Sadly, this won't do much of anything. Though our corporate media will sell this as proof to the world that our democracy is as vibrant as ever.

Bernie is just the last patriotic Senator standing in the Roman forum as the barbarians come over the last hill.
Talking for seven hours while blocking NOTHING is what restores your faith in politics?

Does masturbating restore your faith in loving relationships too?
Bernie Sanders, Fuck Yeah!
Comin' again to kill the motherfuckin' tax bill!

Bernie Sanders, Fuck Yeah!
Freedom is the only way, Yeah

Republicans, you're game is through
cause now you have ta answer to

Bernie Sanders, Fuck yeah!
So lick my butt and suck on my balls

Bernie Sanders, Fuck Yeah!
Whatcha' gonna do when we come for you now
Isn't he beautiful!
@2, it's an incredible education to listen to him. He may not be blocking something, but it doesn't mean he's not doing something amazing. He's honest and smart and ethical and a great speaker.
You're damned straight he is.

#filibernie for the win!
Don't forget to send a telegram of support.
It almost makes me want to move to VT just so I can vote for him. Fortunately, the good people there already appreciate him.
Can we get Murray and Cantwell to join him? Well, Murray, anyway.
We need more guys like him, please.
Go to and make a contribution. Until the rules change, money rules the game.
The guy has 10 times the amount of spine Obama has, that much is for sure.
--OOPS! Disregard the above link. It is That's DOT ORG.
@9 Ask them to get involved. I did.
@12 Indeed & agreed, 5280.

Time to convince this guy to run for President.
Someone get this guy a complete double rainbow!
He must be tired. and hungry. I'm pretty sure he addressed Obama as Madam President these last 3 times.
He just now yielded! :|
OMG! I vote for him for president! Is he running in 2012?
@17, he was talking to Nancy Pelosi.
@18 is right.

It's time to do this instead:
Vermont should be very, very proud. Thank you Senator Sanders.
Well, that was pointless
@23 move back to Russia. We won't miss you.
Bernies' points make too much sense for too much of Today's American populace: cspan2? who gives a rats ass about that?

this barely made a CNN, or MSNBC notice for most of the day; and when it did, it was shadowed by the clinton/obama capitulation speech.
fuck them all - i love how they suddenly give a shit about anything after running scared about re-election for the last two years. Now with, what, 4 days left they find their balls? Too little, too late, assholes. They let the repubs run them scared and now they're surprised that obama doesn't have faith in their ability to pass progressive initiatives?

Frankly, since the repubs are the party of no and the dems have just been spineless roll-overs to this point, I can understand Obama's deal, sucky as it is. No extension of unemployment + no renewal of ANY tax breaks = massive new harm to the economy. I fucking hate the rich too, but I'll swallow that bitter pill if it means extended benefits to the unemployed.
wow. a u.s. senator put in an 8 hour day! baby steps...
We need more Bernie Sanders in the senate and less, well, less nearly every other senators.
@17: Must have been thinking of Roslin.
I'm from Vermont and I love Bernie. Vermont is so small, if you live there you'll run into him from time to time. I've seen him around driving the most beat-up, rusty, crusty POS I've ever seen, and also run into him at our teeny-weeny international airport- flying coach with the rest of us. He's a man of the people, and I adore him.

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