Funny how you have a Mac and the entire desktop area is littered with wires/cables.
But even old desktops can still #filibernie - right, Charles?
old imac, but new keyboard
Those keyboards are the best I've ever used.
I'm with 4 on this one. That keyboard rocks.
Too bad Charles is missing out on Snow Leopard.
@4: Truth, they are the best. Not loud, they don't collect debris in places you can't clean, good feel.

And though I wouldn't want to use it, I'm impressed that the eMac is still in service. ~1 GHz G4, ATI graphics, whoo.
My eMac is such a workhorse I can't justify getting rid of it either. It is just as functional (software-wise) as my Macbook Pro as long as I'm not using Handbreak or something.

And @6 - it's 1.25GHz damit!
I still have a G4 Cube in regular use and it does just fine.
I still like the eMacs. Wouldn't mind having a 1.42GHz version.
Right with you, Charles. My eMac got me through college; who cares that it's ridiculously slow compared to contemporary machines? IT DUAL BOOTS WITH OS 9, BITCHES.
You must have a lady's hand, because I've tried typing on my mom's Mac...and it's impossible for my relatively thin and bony fingers to hit just one key at a time.
Desktops don't grow old. A good desktop computer is composed of parts purchased continually over time for several years.

I believe the pieces in the machine I'm now posting from span a total of 6 years, the newest being the power supply and the oldest being the optical media drives.
The eMac uses the old CRT display, so if you haven't moved up to LED backlit LCDs you're really missing out.

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