Re: Assange in Wandsworth. I have heard a rumor he's in the cell Oscar Wilde once occupied. If this is true, I bet this is a tidbit your reader demographic would relish.
The New York Times is running articles on "secret banking groups" organizing conspiracies. Ron Paul is now in charge of overseeing the Fed in Congress. What were you saying about Baggers being right....?

Unfortunetly, mos' Stranger readers don't even know who Oscar Wilde was.
@3, I know who Oscar Wilde was, and Picture of Dorian Gray was a great little book. As was his satirical criticism of Victorian/Edwardian England
@3 What makes you think that?
You think Palin would get publicly angry over this? It runs contrary to American exceptionalism, she'd never bring it up.
@3, of course we know who Kim Wilde is. "Kids in America" was a prophetic masterpiece. I didn't know she was jailed in England though.
Re: Assange. Presumably, this will leave fewer witnesses for when the inevitable "accident" occurs.


And of course we know who Oscar Wilde was - he was the slobby sports writer in Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple"...
He's that green muppet that lives in the trash can, right?
They'll just break Assange like the MI5 broke David Shayler.
@10, if by "breaking" you mean asking the occasional polite question in the presence of his very good lawyer with recording devices running, then I'm sure you're right.

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