I hope nobody mentions morning glory seeds.....

(btw, ewwww! on the gritty sensation I imagine you'd get in your nose from nutmeg....)
Craggy! That's just nuts!
They sure did get a lot of mileage out of that nutmeg footage.
Kids snorting nutmeg are doing it wrong. It's stupid. You have to do a lot, so you are supposed to just eat it. No way snorting an entire bottle of the stuff is ever going to happen. Gross.
Best thing about christmas is the smell of nutmeg as you sprinkle it on your eggnog and rum. After a couple of those, I do get a nice buzz, but I'm not so sure it's the nutmeg...

Years ago, I had a tiny grater and a whole nutmeg, and the result was even more aromatic. Lost the tiny grater about three moves ago.
Tom Yum soup...chew on the lemon nicely.…

You know you can make a neat explosive with an empty pill bottle and match heads. Huff some gas fumes kids. The sun sets in the west...salt kills slugs...pineapple express = lots of rain..not fast pineapples. Fire is hot. Why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself...
Nutmeg should be outlawed. We need to protect people from this evil stuff.
How many Christmases are they going to play this same non-story before people finally remember that this ongoing epidemic has never been substantiated by anything ever?
And this is what prohibition of safe drugs like psilocybin & marijuana gets you. Portugal ftw.
@10 "It's in your home, and it can harm your children! What is it? We'll tell you after this commercial break."

My guess is 100 million.
@ 6, I'm sure that one kitchen shop at the Pearl Street Mall has one. Heck, Bed Bath and Beyond probably has them too.
This is so dumb. For one thing, eating nutmeg is not new. School kids have been trying this for decades. When did you guys read "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"? We read it in 9th grade.

For another thing, nutmeg causes a dissociative and mildly hallucinogenic trip, but it's rather unpleasant. It certainly does not cause "euphoria" or it really would be abused by kids. And, one more thing: snorting (into the nose or lungs?!) nutmeg probably would not have a hallucinogenic effect, since it must be biotransformed by the liver into the active compound via a complicated multi-step cascade that can only be initiated when you EAT it.

I feel like the news report is a joke to GET kids to try snorting it -so that the subsequent sinus irritation is so unpleasant that they'll vow to "NEVER DO DRUGS AGAIN," or something.
but @ 14, didn't you read the last paragraph? that girl's friend got hooked on it! she just kept doing it more and more and now her life's a mess! ;-)
@14, you straight up puke your guts out. I actually thought the whole snort nutmeg thing was a trick to get your friends to try it, then throw up everywhere.
I think its great I've been doing it for years and you almost get the same high as something ilegal like pot. I think its better that people like me, hoplessly addictded to getting high, find something legal. But what I recomend is to dont use nutmeg like that, but if your hoplessly addicted you might as well find something good to say about it.
I think its good because its better to find something legal than ilegal, because in my own opinion, you shouldn't start but if your like me and hoplessly addicted you might as well find something good to say about it.

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