I think it's hilarious that in Seattle a sign on top of a building is considered by some a garish assault on the senses, but a giant, rotating, neon-covered, pink elephant can be considered a LANDMARK.

Glad he's pro-sign... or at least ambivalent. What a ridiculous thing to make an issue out of.
Actually, the real name of STP is not Seattle Tunnel Partners, it's Stuff-it Tax Payers!

Cool Seattle Center decision. Throw in a Longhouse and some green spaces and we've got a great tourist attraction.

Looking forward to teaching kids to bat there.
Frankly I'm tired of all the justification going towards digging a hole in the ground from the state government while they think it is necessary to cut Basic Health, but then again, I was against the tunnel to begin with...
The mayor "weirdly knew nothing about this" (tunnel bid award). The biggest city project in 50 years and he's not paying attention? Must be much too busy preparing a new campaign to give out free umbrellas..
The problem wasn't snow, it was snow that warmed up in the afternoon and then refroze into ice. Ice like that would bring any city to its knees.
"sodium magnesium"? That doesn't actually make any sense.

Did someone perhaps mean a mixture of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride?

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