or, for much more effective viewing, simply look through one of the many viewing windows cut into the wall.
You can stream this view directly via….
In addition to lazy, he must also be a little sleep-deprived, no? Isn't that a 24/7 dig?
Wow, that is deep.
@ gus: Hardly. He's probably asleep right now.
@3: It won't be a 24/7 dig until next year when the tunnel boring machine starts doing its thing.
Here's @2's link (you can't post links unless you're registered):…

Looks like it might be from the roof of Christopher's building, and a little to the left, but very close to the same. Every thirty minutes, which is lame; the stadium construction cam in Portland is live-action. The stop-motion movie is kinda cool, though; it goes back four months. There's a UW station cam too.
Oh, YAH, that's a view that so few people can see alright...…
Ooh, a tunnel boring machine! Thanks, o 5 and 6.
it's too bad that they didn't think to start the stop motion camera until after they'd started digging.
Wait, we know from previous Slog coverage that tunnel-boring machines don't work.
@ 11) Slog never said that, Fnarf. TBMs work all the time; they just break down a lot too. And when they do, man, can they be expensive to fix.
I cant wait to take the light rail from Husky Stadium to Capitol Hill, walk across the street to Dicks Drive-In, then walk 5 blocks home.

I find is humerous how these tunnels arnt much different than the viaduct deep bore tunnel replacement. It has the same bs safety problems, cost overruns, no bike lanes, no room for buses, no exits onto 15th ave, etc, etc. Nobody cares about this tunnel.
Wait, so we're deep boring under I-5? Let's hope the DBM gets stuck directly UNDER the highway if so, so that we can drag the Fed into a city -> county -> state -> federal fight over another tunnel. Let's see how fast Conlin can sign a Federal Environmental Impact Study!
@11 no, we don't. They're just expensive.

@14 for the unintended Federal Bailout to widen I-5 win.
The Republicans are getting Bored with The Billionaire's Deep Machine!

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