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I predict that the GOP will run Julian Assange for President and Michael Moore for VP.

Hey, at least both are more qualified in terms of being both outsiders and far more patriotic Americans than anyone else in the Republic Socialist Party.
Because when I think of Godfather's Pizza, I think "why can't my government be run this well?"
When the guy's own fans can't spell his 4-letter long name correctly, color me unimpressed.
I want Michael Steele to remain a prominent Republican in some capacity. He is such a goddamn clod. Always good for comic relief. He's not dumb, he just has a horrible problem with staying in character. It's great when he slips and actually says something true, as opposed to the party line he's theoretically in charge of.
"High-tech fence"

What, like "electric?"

I can't think of any recent breakthroughs in the fence-technology industry.
@6: I think they mean "cameras" and "motion detectors."

The "high-tech" part ensures that it will be sufficiently costly to build and maintain, which is the whole point.
"Cain vs. Unable"
If Petraeus ran, I'd vote for him. He won't, but it'd be nice if he did.
racists can only see race.
@3: Kinda makes it seem like it's not really created by people who know him, but by a made up grassroots campaign, doesn't it?
@10, yes you're exactly right. A grassroots campaign made up of people who don't know him. Don't know anything about him. Don't know anything about him to the point that they haven't even bothered to spell check his goddamned name. If they can't even spell Cain right what do you think they actually know about the guy other than what he looks like?

In the end I doubt he could possibly win nomination in the Republican party because he wouldn't be able to pull the Southern racist vote, a substantial portion of the Republican party. If he did win nomination he wouldn't get enough of the Southern Racists to compete w/ Obama. Though he might siphon off a bit of the black vote, but probably not much.

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