Imagine Waking Up to the Headline That the Leader of Your Country Has Been Running a Criminal Organization That Kills People for Their Organs


I've been saying for years that the black-and-white image of the Serbia/Kosovo conflict is deeply wrong.
Le Carre published a novel in 1999 on this verrrrrry theme.
No doubt many on the right imagine doing this every morning.
It's just Serbian propaganda.
Imagine waking up to the news that Dick Cheney was the recipient of numerous such organs.

Not Serbian propaganda. The contract that KLA/Kosovo had with the PR firm Ruder Finn has expired.
Knowing Obama is ordering the assassination of US citizens w/o trial is sooooo much better.
That macabre 'Bodies' road-show that has been everywhere, including Seattle? A lot of its raw material comes from China, which is happy to get the trade. These are rumored to be executed prisoners. I'm sure the organs are not wasted, either. Think of that the next time you are buying plastic shit at Walmart or Costco.
I'm pretty sure they haven't declassified that yet, @5.
Good thing we bombed the shit out of Serbia to make sure these guys could have their own country to run, right?
@10 - Not to mention, we would've cracked down on ethnic-separatists for harvesting the organs of American civilians and called them terrorists, too. Not saying that Serbia didn't do some shitty bullshit fucked up horrible stuff, but to pretend that the US was protecting the good-guys from the bad-guys is laughable.