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Done, yet again. Anything to better your reputation with the cat lady.
I'm not your flying monkey Dan.


Ok, what is it you'd like me to do exactly?
Colleen (good Irish name) is kicking Joan A.'s ass. I only voted again because I just got back from a Xmas party and I'm in a, shall we say, benevolent mood. The topic of conversation was: Are English pubs better than Irish pubs? I of course, Boston lass that I am, said Irish pubs were preferable, but I was outvoted by a Scot and a Brit, with the Canadians abstaining.
It's *blind* monkey, Urgutha. Flying monkeys can exercise free will, whereas blind monkeys merely do the bidding of their fearless leader, with no explanation given. Mine is not to reason why, or something. Banana?
Preeeeeeetty sure she's gonna win.
Hey Dan, since we've all voted about 10 times, is it okay to pass this on? (No idea how to link to an Adobe attachment, so here's part of the email I just got, pretty cool how far-reaching your IGBP is...)

"Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival applauds such efforts as Dan Savage’s IT GETS BETTER, a viral campaign and
grassroots effort to end a recent rash in bullying and homophobia among teens. To take the strength of these
efforts one step further, The Calgary Police Service Diversity Unit, Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival and Emmedia
Production Society have teamed up to launch a new program in which youth will be provided with the tools to
create their own Anti‐Homophobia Public Service Announcements. This special initiative engages youth through film in the promotion of safer and more diverse learning environments, free from homophobia and bullying. This program is mandated is to build a community that responds to bullying by combating hatred. It is the goal of the organizations involved to empower youth to use their voice and speak out creatively against homophobia. The
competition is opened to all youth and aims to be accessible to all income and experience levels."
Why do I just find this funny?
Sex advice columnist answers your most bizarre fetish questions and then makes you vote for a cat lady.

Nevertheless, I have voted. Often.
Man, I kinda feel bad for everyone else in this competition. The highest non-Slog-bumped person has only 7k likes. Poor cat ladies/gents.
Seriously, Colleen does not need your votes anymore. You should be pimping Jessica W. Otherwise, Colleen is going to the finals with Joan A. How terrible will it be to lose to Joan in the finals?
I am such a tool.

*clicky clicky clicky*
In the finals, we should all vote against her, to teach dan the "not your personal army" lesson. And for the lulz.
My cat can count and in the spirit of Chicago, she's a voting machine.
Currently 19,563.
pretty sure we all lose when this shit goes on.

honestly, what the fuck does Colleen think of this? is she that desperate? is she such an attention hog that she needs this to carry on? does she know how much this begging degrades her (and anyone who votes for her)?

honestly, this isn't even worth my typing.

fucking pet people - shouldn't you all be at the pet store buying xmas gifts for your pets?
@14 Er... *everyone* in that competition is a pet person. That's sort of the point...
@11, voters don't make the final decision. This is just a poll to tell Tidy Cat COs which two homes are in the finals, and then they go visit in person to determine "most welcoming home."

It was my day off, so I read the rules.
What's with the fan and lavender and kitty toilet in the basement? I have cats in a smallish apartment where their toilet is right in my living room. No one can smell it (and they're not just being nice, when I come in from the outside I can't smell it either, so it's not a matter of me getting used to it and not noticing the stench). No lavender and other shit either, just non-scented clumping litter (very cheap, at that). Just scoop regularly, folks!
Dan, why do you want to garner support for Colleen K.? I don't think you've said this entire time. I feel like you're just testing your power on something insignificant before you point your army of followers in the direction of your true target.
Ugh. Clay based litter. Strip mined. I voted for Colleen but I hope she doesn't buy the stuff.
Oh no! (palm to face). And we wonder why tea-baggers are moving towards controlling the country. They'll vote for anyone who is libertarian, tax-cutting (regardless of the consequences), and pro-Jebus. We progressives, on the other hand, won't vote for anything en masse except ... cats.
Because it's not enough that she's already got more than twice as many votes as her closest competitor.
Sweet Mary's afterbirth, I've voted like 20 times now, shouldn't there be a Strangercrombie Badge for this, too???
Ooooh the fine print. The official rules (which I started reading when I realized I couldn't find anything about what the hell they're all even trying to WIN) state "The public vote will account for 10% of the Round Two score and the scoring of the campaign spokespersons will account for 90% of the Round Two score."

Soooo... Dan's been had, and is just shelling for some cat food company. Awesome.
Who are you and what have you done with Dan Savage?

For anyone who didn't notice, this is filed under:
Conflict of Interest.

That kept me laughing long enough to vote.
Give it a rest, Dan.
@22, I dunno, but you oughta get a prize for that curse. It's a beaut.

Your prize is here:
Wow, Fnarf, and I thought my years as a Girl Guide leader had taught me every possible permutation of the pipe-cleaner craft--obviously not!

And if we got badges for cursing, you would certainly be first in line for your driver's rant (this is where a web-savvy person would insert the link to a past comment...) which I meant to copy and tape to my rear view mirror for reference.
Umm, Leslie H. rewrote the My Favorite Things song from The Sound of Music.
Ominously they have removed the "like" counts from the page just as Colleen was about to hit 20,000.
Doesn't voting close today? That's what I'm thinking, tho it's odd they don't show the final counts.

(This article was originally posted last night, and reposted today so its comment about voting closing "tomorrow" originally meant "today" -- clear as mud?)
Colleen K. would sooo be getting her ass kicked right now if Stephen Colbert had a relative in this contest.

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