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Thanks for posting this, Anthony. At a time when austerity-chic threatens to overwhelm so much common sense, it's really heartening to see examples like this of truly inspiring government expenditures. I really wish people could keep in mind what a pittance we pay for the tremendous benefits NASA has given the nation and the world.

As an engineer's son I couldn't help being sad when Obama canceled the back-to-the-moon program, though I do understand how he felt he had to.
@1, when your national priorities are endless war in the middle east and tax breaks for the super wealthy you can't reach for the stars. We've decided as a nation to swim in the sewer instead.
@2, of course. Understanding how our elected leaders came to make these decisions is never the same as agreeing with them.
Gus, I wouldn't feel so badly about it if that wasn't just about the only thing Obama has decided he needs to be frugal about. OK, $12 billion a year is a pretty nice piece of change (I'd certainly love to have it), but compared to some of the things this country pisses money away on, it's little more than petty cash.
I am going to share this amazing video on my facebook, In research work NASA is highly sincere to give the world; a knowledge it couldn't know before about the universe.
I know there are people unable to see beauty in footage like this, and I'm sorry for them.
Damn, there goes my lunch break...
@1 I'm mostly pissed with Bush, who announced the program without ever coming close to properly funding it or dreaming he ever would, & making Obama, like usual, into the badguy who actually had to face up the the fiscal reality that there was no way he was going to get the needed hundreds of billions for going back to the moon and onto Mars.

The other clips were good too. Thanks for posting this Anthony.

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