Forget human children. Seems like there's plenty of the little buggers to go 'round anyway. They need to start providing poo bags at the off-leash parks again!

Think of the [puppy] children. Think of the [puppy] children.
Hey, union workers.

With all the loss in salary, be sure and spend time with your families, traveling back and forth through the viaduct tunnel when it's finished in a decade or so.

Your forfeited raises and bonuses earned all the "cost overruns" will have eviscerated what little assets you have left.

But the kids will be amused by the bright lights as you whiz by...underground.
Did you know our esteemed legislators, among other elected officials, have Constitutionally protected salaries? "The Washington Constitution (Article 3, Section 25) prohibits the Washington Citizens’ Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials from decreasing the salaries of the elected officials."
Wait, "that amount would pay for"? Meaning, of course, not that it "will pay for" any of that. More likely some stupid expensive road project like the south park bridge.
I think that because some people in the private sector might loose their jobs every public employee should work for free. My neighbor lost his job. If the public employees don't start paying for the right to work, then the public unions are just sucking at the teats of...

I once saw a public sector fat cat take a sixteen minute break! Damned unions are bleeding us dry.

My stock options didn't got up this year. I think the union goons should pay back double their cost of living increases...

Heck, I can't keep this up.
It's still a sham, no matter how Chrissy frames it. State workers don't have to get any more productive or work any harder to earn their keep - they're just coming to work a little less.
@3, Not necessarily to defend the salaries of fat-cat legislators, with some officials making pretty good coin; but state legislators in the house make roughly $40k a year.

Fat-cats drinking our milkshake. Yessir.
Yes spend more $$$ on child protective services! They are such a great efficient agency aren't they? :)
This makes the Sherriff's Department look even worse. Weren't they howling about their annual pay raise not going through, even though they're department eats up 70% of the public budget?

Instead, public employees are taking a paycut. This is better than increasing layoffs, but how many years in a row will these paycuts go through? I hope this is an exception, and not a rule.

I'm not sure if the Sherriff's Dept. is included in this deal, but I'm glad the Public Employees Union was able to strike their own "bargain".
This state needs an enema.
So, with all this renegotiating of public sector employees' contracts to cut wages in "these difficult economic times", I'm left wondering: Has the State or any other level of government gone back and renegotiated contracts with the various vendors, who perform state functions that have been privatized? If not why not? Seems to me that if employees working directly for the state are taking a pay cut to help balance the budget then companies working for the state should do so as well.
@11, re-negotiating with vendors would be a great idea if our politicians weren't in bed with the companies they are handing contracts too. If you cut the size of the contract, you cut the size of the kickback, and we can't being having none o' that...

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