White women  attack  by black men...maybe hate crimes?

"Cupcakes and apple juice were enjoyed by all."

Uh oh, angry mob of white yuppies.

Avoid blacks as much as possible.
SPD should set up a sting with undercover female officers jogging/wandering around these areas at night. Far more productive than the stings they set up to bust johns.
I wonder how long it would take Stranger IT to find the IP address of the one guy that puts up 99% of this racist spam and just block the IP entirely...
You are a stereotypical white-guilt libtard who is willfully blind to reality. White-guilt libtards like you demand censorship of facts that destroy your naive faith-based "progressive" egalitarian religious fantasies.

It's not difficult to get a fake IP address, and Mr. Troll here is just pathetic enough to get one every time he's banned.
So we paid for a police escort so a bunch of safety nazis could have an empowering group run? Nice confidence statement to themselves, but it won't do anything to stop the attacker or attackers. Running in groups, mace, and self defense classes are a good idea though, joggers in parks at night are especially tasty targets for all sorts of creeps. Common sense things.

This whole "If you see something, say something" routine is a good soundbite, but it does very little good and makes people needlessly fearful and suspicious of others. Crime is already very, very low, lowest in 40+ years. The "see something, say something" only empowers majorities to report/harrass those that appear 'other', keeping us apart as a people.

I know it's possible to track the IPs of the anon racist troll down to the name of the domain owner. It'd be a fun post to see which public libraries and businesses they post from at least. It could be a recurring column - where do the trolls post from today/this week? Don't even have to give out the IP addresses, just the networks and business names/institutions would suffice, on a nice Google Map.

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