Hah! There's a pack of Smalls right behind the XS! So I guess I'm in business. Though I'll be damned if I'll buy underwear that is using a photograph of me on the package without my permission.
If I was a guy, the "extra small" would be the reason I would not buy it. I would think that was an affront to the size of my junk.
Yes please!
XS isn't "Extra Small," it's Extra Snug!
Huh. I always thought the "preferred underwear of Slog" would be a pair of pantyhose. I guess that's just Dan.
You're probably right Josh Bomb, that would make everything look BIGGER! HEY, SEE MY JUNK!

But I'm thinking you'd have to look just like the guy on the package to get full benefit of the extra snug.
I used to get excited about underwear (about a hundred years ago) until I realized it's who's wearing them that's important.

An Italian L is like an American S or M, so imagine how tiny an Italian XS is. They may be tight on Seth Green.
Speaking of junk, most Indians (as in the country) are ... not very well endowed.
@8, hey, look who's got completely irrelevant racism out of the blue!
@8 Will, I didn't know you were Indian!
but what about that non-recyclable blister packaging... yuk
Didn't (or doesn't) yummy Ben Cohen model those?
So what's the difference between the Business version and any other styles? Do they also come in Pleasure?
@9 - This is clearly just the script that runs WiS malfunctioning. It probably picked up on the words "XS" and "junk" and posted the first thing it found on the internet regarding the subject. It may have also seen "Italian" and assumed we were making racial comments--look, I won't pretend to know how WiS's programming works; I didn't write the code. Just submit a bug report to the developers, and they'll have his irrelevant references to Indian penises fixed by tomorrow afternoon.
@5 those are clearly the words of a man who has never attempted to take advantage of the "panty" aspect of the hose.... (hint: it is a terribly uncomfortable idea)
Hmm. No, you'd lose that bet.
Um, no.

These,…, stockings.


These,…. Too restricting. They have a tendency to slow things down, too.

It is my opinion that the two should never be confused.

You''ve worn them, assuming that little white patch will be all the underwear you need? A bold move, sir. I'm glad I wisely decided not to place a bet on the assumption.

Now that I think of it...perhaps the natural distance between junk and fabric that occurs with men helps out with that whole nylons-rending-my-labia-in-twain problem I keep having....
Yep, I haven't done it a lot, but I have done it. No problems with rent labia, but they sure do crush your junk something wicked.
Pantyhose make an good insulating layer under jeans or what have you. I know a guy who wears them while motorcycling in winter.

Myself, I've only worn them for the sheer enjoyment.
@20, I'd reccommend a nice pair of stretch pants instead...a little more insulation, but still nice and tight to wear under your tight, no feet attached - yuck-ola!

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