A Homeless Man Remembers His Friend John T. Williams


Thank you, Zachary Watterson, and thank you, Gary Sanford Raub. Wow.
Seconded. Thank you Zachary and Gary.

The final paragraph of this piece just rings.
Wow. Thank you for this.
"and was held in a prisoner of war camp in Cambodia for three years"

That would be news to historians.
hate to be a total dick, but that story sounds fake.
And if he was captured by the Vietnamese they kept all us prisoners in north Vietnam and gave them red cross access. The only people who believe in the hidden cambOdia POWs are Rambo delusionists with pow/mia flags. But it makes for a nice story.
Wow, I've seen Mr. Raub around town for years. I remember smoking pot with him at the 1994 Hempfest. I never knew he was a Makah Indian, or that he was a Vietnam Vet (although I should have figured out the vet part, he's of the right age.) I didn't know he was currently homeless either, I thought he lived in a group home, but maybe he did at one time.
Thanks for the article.
Didn't you hear? Any homeless male over 60 who saw one too many Vietnam War movies is a vet. This guys story of being held in Cambodia would be amazing if true. But if course, it's not.
Yes, thank you for printing this. I've seen this gentleman around town for many years and often wondered what his story is. It's sad that so many dignified and intelligent people are left to fend for themselves on the streets.

What are the numbers of veterans living on the streets these days? As I recall the percentage is terribly high.
It's messed up crazy dudes faking being veterans that keep me hiding my own veteran status - because thanks to them and a raft of shitty movies, being "veteran" means "crazy."

I'm sure Mr. Raub has seen a lot of terrible things, but not one of those terrible things happened in Cambodia.
I always knew that you naive white sheltered libtards at The Stranger were gullible credulous hacks, but GODDAMN!
A quick search of the US government's official list of POWs  (lcweb2.loc.gov/pow/powhome.html)  from the Vietnam war shows no sign of a Mr Gary Raub, or Gary Sanford Raub. Maybe Mr. Raub’s confused about a hellish weekend at Hempfest and  has mixed up hippies for the VC?
I thought POWs held by Charlie only hid things up their asses or am I confusing my movies?
You unregistered users are a bunch of jerks. Sure, he's probably embellishing his war stories, what soldier and fisherman hasn't? But if he is over 60 and a Native American it's not unlikely at all that he was drafted into the Vietnam War, and served in combat, and saw a ton of crazy shit. So Maybe the Cambodia part is BS, whatever, I'm not an expert on the Vietnam War, but I did see Apocalypse Now, and the boat went into Cambodia, so even if the US Govt denies that any US troops were in Cambodia it doesn't seem that far fartched. Yes, I realize I am poking fun at myself.
Anyway, leave the poor old guy alone, he's a nice guy as far as I have talked to him. Have some respect for your elders.
BTW the US invasion of  Cambodia was 1970 so if he escaped 40 years ago after being held for  3 years in  Cambodia  (even though there are no records of US POWs held in Cambodia except by the lunatic POW/MIA Rambo-lovin'  fringe groups), that means  he was captured there in 1967.

That means the Talent Mr. Raub would  have been special ops which means he's confused himself with Martin Sheen from Apocalypse Now as opposed to Charlie Sheen from Platoon (who never went to Cambodia anyway). The bamboo cage in the water, of course, is his  John Savage moment from The Deer Hunter. The rock in the throat of course is Chris Walken in Pulp Fiction but replace 'rock' with 'watch' and throat with 'ass'.

I am impressed with Mr. Raub's Vietnam movie recall skills, he's quite a vet of Blockbuster.

Try using The Google sometime before you listen to people's tales.
@14 agreed, never let facts get in the way of a good story. Journalism 101
@10, you're an asshole.

I know Gary, I worked at the V-Village for a while, and he's not crazy, he's a perfect gentleman and a favorite customer of most of the store. And yes, he is most definitely a vet who was tortured as a POW - why do you think his skin looks like that? I mean, jesus fuck. You're probably the kind of vet who thinks he deserves special treatment, huh?

Fuck you.
what I know for sure is, he's a nice old man who had some bad shit happen to him that he didn't deserve. (Though unlike the unregistered, I'm no expert on US military secrets...)
why do you think his skin looks like that?"

DUUUUH now this is just a wild guess here, how about EXPOSURE and ALCOHOLISM? The bum has been homeless for decades and has probably been sunburned AND had his ass frozen off countless times.

OCCAM'S RAZOR, duuuuuuuuh!
"tortured as a POW"

Tortured by who? North Vietnamese, VC/Vietminh or Khmer Rouge? And since his story would be remarkable to both historians and POW/MIA groups, how come the only thing that turns up when you search his name and 'pow' is this webpage?

The skin? Looks like the same thing Michael Jackson had.

Now, go back to your incredulous job at VV.
Yeah, I mean, c'mon guys. It's not like Right-Wingers would ever lie about THEIR (or anyone else's for that matter) military records, donchaknow?
yeah, couldn't have happened because governments and armies never ever send anyone to another country to be imprisoned and tortured...
Thanks for agreeing he's a liar.

Next week in The Stranger, we interview Comte's pet shi-tzu about his relationship with former dash cam regular Mr. John T. Williams.
"because governments and armies never ever send anyone to another country to be imprisoned and tortured"

So you have historical evidence of US soldiers captured by the Khmer Rouge surviving the war? Because no actual 'history book' does. And if Mr. Raub did  ‘survive a camp in Cambodia’, he'd be one of the most famous and written about POWs in the historical record. Amazing, then, how when you search for his name and the words 'Cambodia' or 'POW' all you get is this webpage. Not a sign of him in the US government POW/MIA database. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So this guy has a story that contradicts virtually everything in the historical record but the only folks who found out at Zachary the Incredulous Contributor and some guy working at Value Village.

BTW the only folks who think there were US prisoners held in Cambodia and kept alive are rightwing conspiracy groups...the Rambo-types. Amazing how the loony left and rabid  right can  be so similar in their delusions.
Yes, you naive children, people who tell strangers stories of their traumatic war time exploits that read just like movie scripts and yet strangely their name is not mentioned in any records for service or heroism - definitely telling the truth.

There's a whole lot of ways to get fucked up, and he might have even been a vietnam vet. But the dramatic escape from hidden prisoner camp X is bullshit.
"You're probably the kind of vet who thinks he deserves special treatment, huh?"

I haven't got a VA loan. But if I did, I'd DEFINITELY start believing this guy's story! Or something. I don't really see where you're going with this, but it's probably pretty funny.
whatever troll @ 24, no one said he was captured by the Khmer Rouge, rendition is hardly a new concept, and has been practiced for as long as you want to go back and on so many scales it would boggle your feeble mind... the problem is that it is and has been done, not who's doing it...

though, if you think "dissappearing" people is fine, well keep on ranting troll-e-oh.
Unbelievable asshattery in this thread.

All you unregistered trolls should go look at your faces in the mirror, right now. Log off the library computer and go into the bathroom, right now. Just fuckin look at yourselves. Look yourself in the eye, all of you. Not a single one of you would say ANY of this to someone face-to-face, you just hide behind your internet anonymity and fling your smelly poo as far as you can.

What Roosevelt said, have some respect for your elders!

I've had a couple homeless people ask me for cash and spin some bullshit veteran story, and each time I know it's fake. I don't say that to their face for the same reason I don't say that to the face of the guy who just needs a dollar to make a phone call to this company in alaska that's going to hire him, or whatever.

They're going through hell, they need a dollar, and I don't really care that it's fake.

But, that was nonetheless a beautiful stand for not hiding behind online identities, "merry," which I am totally sure is your real name. And why not? It's clearly "believe total bullshit is true" day here on slog.
@12, that llink is not to a database of POWs but to a database of documents about POWs. This includes government docs and even stuff like New York Times articles (try searching 'john mccain'). Raub not being in there doesn't prove anything either way.
"no one said he was captured by the Khmer Rouge"

So  who held him in Cambodia for 3 years? The Vietnamese kept all US captives in the North  and provided regular Red Cross access to them. The only two possibilities for being a POW in Cambodia were death (the Khmer Rouge executed all westerners they caught) or he was kept in a secret North Vietnamese prison in Cambodia. Now, if the latter were  true, the POW/MIA groups would go ape shit over his  story, since Mr. Raub would be the ONLY LIVING PROOF for the Ross Perot funded, 40-odd year campaign claiming that the Vietnamese had secret prisoners that they did not report to the Red Cross. He would be the dude Rambo was looking for in Rambo 2 (since all of you seem to have all your knowledge of the Indochina  War from Hollywood, I'm trying to help you here).

So again, where do we find Mr. Raub's amazing tale of POW  escape from a secret Vietnemese prison camp in cambodia that would be historically significant? No where. Nada. Zilch, Zip. With the hundreds of thousands of pages produced by various POW/MIA fringe groups claiming the Vietnamese held secret US captives, not one has ever been produced....until, of course, 'More, I Say' and Zachary found him outside Value Village.
Sure, I'll respect my elders. It's reporters repeating their obviously bullshit stories that I'm making fun of. Mr. Raub? He's just a regular lunatic with fanciful tales.

So fnarf, how did Mr. Rains amazing story of escape from a prison in Cambodia, the only escape to ever happen from that country, not get into anyone of those millions if documents? Maybe Comte's shi-tzu knows, because from a jounalistic perspective, that mutt would be as reliable a source of info.
Btw I know it's hard for you folks, but when you do 'agenda' journalism and you print utter bullshit like this man's story, it makes you look like effing idiots. Just saying, your agenda gies up in flames when you fuck up basic facts and truths and refuse to acknowledge these fuckups. When your main source is clearly a fanciful bullshit artist, well, there gies your entire agenda down the crapper.
The troll here is the banned user Naive White Libtard or whatever his name was. Stranger is either unable or unwilling to block his IP(s). He's been like 99% of the racist spunk for months.
@26, i hope you realize the "he" I'm referring to is you.
Yeah, I know, and I can't imagine what the "special treatment" you're talking about is, or what that has to do with anything here.

Issues much? Did a veteran take some candy from you?

I do find dogging on an actual veteran here, as you support the fabulous tales of veteranly heroism to be kind of ironic. If I told you I spent time in a Syrian prison camp, would you like me more? Because I totally did. Even though there's no records of it ever happening, it's true. And if you doubt me, you're an asshole!
To all those folks who do think mr. Raub was held in a secret vietnamese camp INSIDE Cambodia, congratulations. You believe the same shit as Col. Bo Gritz, Ross Perot and other assorted right wingers who've spent the past 40 years demonizing the Vietnamese government.
What's the next great story Zachary will write from Mr. Raub? That Charlie does in fact surf?
this has nothing to do with the claims of Bo Gritz or a Rambo movie mentality(I am more of the amnesty international and human rights type); more that people and govts do things in wartime that does not always make it into the official liturgical version of said war, so thus the argument that those things could "never" happen even despite other firsthand accounts to the contrary seems to me patently false.
There is a war on reality in this community, and the romantic fantasists are taking no prisoners.
@32, I have no idea. I'm merely reporting that @12's characterization of the database was wrong.
""never" happen even despite other firsthand accounts to the contrary seems to me patently false."

But mr raub's first hand claims are the only ones ever reported. No other POW was held in Cambodia and has escaped to tell such a tale to folks outside Value Village. If his tale is true, it's truly fantastical!

However, those of us in the reality based community and who know our Indochina War history, know this story is bullshit.

So to recap, when you drag out a character witness for your 'victim of the month' club, make sure it's not the insane delusional one anyone with a wit of military history can see right through. It kind of undermines the purpose.
Having said that, I would to see how he swallowed that rock and regurgitated it later to use it to break out of that bamboo cage in the river him and Robert Deniro were held in for 3 years.

Don't you think #12 and #32 are the same person?

Aside from his story seeming like it was lifted directly from The Deer Hunter, how did he find his way back to base just using the stars? Finding his way back to Vietnam in general? Believable. Finding his way through dense jungle to a specific base? Not so believable.
This piece is also a good example of why REAL journalists fact check.
Fnarf is normally a member of the reality based community, and knows full well tales of rock eating escaped from bamboo cages in rivers don't serve Mr. Williams' case well, but tonight he's obviously suffering from a case of Will in Seattlitis where throwing out any bullshit in defense of your man is worthwhile.
OK I read this story because I was led to believe Mr Raub would be memorializing his friend that was SHOT to death by the Police.... Unfortunately barely anything was written about the Mr Williams instead the story went off on a weird tangent, seemingly, AIMED at making Mr Raub look like a Rube.
Mr Watterson, you should be ashamed of yourself or be more aggressive about demeaning a homeless gentleman, who, May or May NOT, be a POW or aVeteran for all that matters.
All you other kids should be more concerned about this literary poop from the fingers of Watterson than the ramblings of some old homeless dude you can and have walked past on the street with out making Eye contact.
@42: what's fantastical is you spouting your "knowledge" of military history like some sort of aspiring ROTC butter bar based only upon published accounts and vetted sources, your discounting, out of hand, anything that may be non-conventional disqualifies you from any future service other than a long stint as a lackey in the Quartermaster Corps.
@48 yes, I agree, unvetted, historically improbable sources are important, you know, like the lunatics who have facts that show Obama is a Muslim.

enjoy the coolaid.
@44, again, I repeat: I have no fucking idea. I don't know or care if Mr. Raub is telling the truth. @46, likewise, I am not defending Mr. Raub's story.

I'm merely pointing out that in the process of tearing his story apart one of the commenters here made what seems to me to be a deliberate mischaracterization to make his own story -- "Raub must be lying" -- sound better.

I don't think this discussion here is a particularly enlightened or fruitful one either way.
@49: nice troll attempt, but I ain't gonna bite...
though mmmmm, Kool Aid

I'lll concede one point fnarf, he'd have to be sane to 'lying'. This is pure craziness, thrown in full public view by an irresponsible writer.
this didn't happen because we never bombed nor had any bases in Laos either, right.

Quid pro quo troll-ise, . Quid pro quo
"this didn't happen because we never bombed nor had any bases in Laos either, right."

What are you talking about? The same Americans who would deny/cover up the bombings of Laos and Cambodia  (far right wing)  are the same people who would claim Americans were held in secret camps in Cambodia by the Vietnamese government, you moron. It's something the Vietnamese government denied for 30 years after the war but right wingers in the US claimed these camps existed and help deny Vietnam diplomatic relations until 1995. Good job, you've just defended one of the main arguments the right wing used to strangle Vietnam for 20 years after the Fall of Saigon.

If you're going to be historical ignorant, at least be politically consistent.
I know about the war as well or better than you, but the issue you are missing is that this was a last colonial expedition by the west- france then handed it over to the US, but then it became a false wall against the east/new communists and that it how it was sold to the us populace at least after 1963.... now it wasn't that the U.S. wanted land per se but peoples to fight against the encroaching communist "menace"...a sham sham sham, that killed nearly 60,0000 US troops, but you have your stupid ass troll internet views. and I could go on with statements that people that were there so, fuck off harshly . dick.
The writer is obviously skeptical of Raub's story and goes out of his way to insert a "he said" or another attribution in virtually every sentence during the paragraph that recounts Raub's war story. If you can't see that he's deliberately paraphrasing a war story that was told to him over coffee and not reporting strict facts about the war - that's on you. Not on the Stranger or the author of this article.

A sample:

HE SAID he served in the war in Vietnam and was held in a prisoner of war camp in Cambodia for three years. While he was a POW, HE SAID, he lived in a bamboo cage set in a river that rushed around his legs. His captors used a gaff on him and yanked out his teeth, HE SAID, and as he talked, I could see his toothless gums. One day, RAUB SAID, he was working in a rice paddy, when he saw a sharp rock in the water. He fell to his knees and stuffed the rock down his throat, HE SAID.
Thanks for the High School version of Vietnamese history. All true but sophomorically rendered to the level of a high school student you are.

OK, so how can you defend one the right wing’s most popular talking points in the 20 years they continued to 'fight' the government of Vietnam; they argued that the Vietnamese had secret prisons with US prisoners (unregistered with the red cross) in Cambodia during and after the war. If you want to defend that bullshit and Mr. Raub's delusional claims to be eating rocks to  escape one of these camps, be my guest. You and Mr. Raub are simple repeating well-worn, rightwing, anti-Vietnamese talking points that have been long disproven.

I'm assuming then you read Warner's groundbreaking book and he’s rather astounding revelations about the role of King Bhumiphol; you seem  to hint at it on one of your  posts?

" last colonial expedition by the west"

Really? I'd argue the Iraq  War was that too.
@56 shhh, so what the writer is saying is, "hey, this guy is nuts, so I'm going to use him as a character reference".

I'd find a better way to make a point than using lunatics.

" last colonial expedition by the west"

during the real cold war

Iraq was a landgrab or resourcegrab such as it were. I mean was there oil in vietnam or southeast asia?
thats why vietnam was ideological and iraq is ideological plus.
Vietnam has oil and gas in the South china seas which is why china is making territorial claims in the region.

So I'm assuming you didn't read Warner's book. Pretty amaIbg since you discuss the same history but haven't red what's considered the best books in the issue in the past 15 years.
Typos from iPhone
That may be a high school version today of what is what it was about, but if you were a male then I would think that it would've meant a total different thing, like say being a grunt and perhaps losing a limb in ground combat or arming bombs for detonation over civilian targets just because you were born male in post WW2 america..

you may not like to think about it but that, and worse , was what those choices were about then...
@58 - I see it as an opportunity to let a person eulogize his friend. What's anecdotal is presented as anecdotal. Astute readers, like yourself, can draw their own conclusions about the veracity of what he says -- or about what he says says about him.
So I guess you haven't read Warner's ground breaking book on the war in Laos.

And what about poor Mr. Raub's being forced to heat rocks and regurgitate them later!
If those oil fields do exist do then why are not the multinationals exploiting it as we speak, and why were the not providing security during the viet-nam war..... they are slackersssss.what w/ letting good 'merican boys die.
" Astute readers, like yourself, can draw their own conclusions about the veracity of what he says "

So I guess that eliminates #1, Jen graves, from the 'astute readers' club.
Thank you, Zach, for listening and for speaking truth with simplicity and spirit. Hope The Stranger will offer you a column - we could use a good war correspondent to remind us about what is real and what really matters. There are things which cannot be said, unless they are said very well. In the spin and babble of our time, such eloquence is rare. I lift up my hands to you and to those you honor with your words.
I first met Gary back in 2001 or so. He volunteered for many years at Harborview, providing the calm human contact from which newborns of drug-addicted mothers derived such benefit.

An unassuming guy.
Hey y'all remember back when I fucked Thomas Jefferson's 13 pussies on the moon and then shot my load all over the top of Candy Mountain?

"we could use a good war correspondent to remind us about what is real"

Thanks for the laugh.
Let's not judge Mr. Raub too harshly. Mr. Reagan showed that you can grow up to be President without knowing the difference between personal war experience and personal war movie experience. Tales of Vietnam-era captivity are as common as Jesuses and extra-terrestrial expatriates in Seattle's homeless population.

But to anyone who credits this story, even tentatively, crushing judgment is due.

@69 Aww! <3

@glug...Umm, no issues with vets, per se...thanks for projecting though. I've got some uncles, cousins, a granddaddy and even some exes (no excuse for my lapses in judgment there) who are/were vets. Some are great people. Some are just too hung up on receiving accolades for a service which they volunteered to do, and I'm not impressed by it.
"But the police department’s use of excessive force is unlikely to abate anytime soon. Perhaps it has something to do with the four officers who were shot dead in a Lakewood coffee shop last year. The man suspected of the execution-style murders, Maurice Clemmons, was hunted and killed by police shortly after the officers were slain."

Interesting that not one person challenges this mischaracterization, this slander. First, every shooting recently that has been investigated has cleared the shooting officer. Civil lawsuits have gone nowhere. For every legal purpose we recognize in this country, allegations of police excessive force are unsupported by the facts, at least to date.

Maurice Clemmons was seen in the cafe shooting these officers. He was armed with a weapon stolen from one of his victims. He was wounded in a way witnesses say the shooter had been shot at the cafe. He, a known suspect in police murders, refused a lawful order to stop from the officer who finally shot and killed him. There is no 'suspect' or 'alleged' about this. Nor is there much room for criticizing the actions of the officer who shot him. He wasn't hunted down, he was the subject of a manhunt brought on by his own heinous actions. Had he obeyed the officers' orders he would have received medical attention. Had he lived he would have been tried and convicted for these murders, in addition to the other crimes for which he was awaiting trial. Any expectation that a lone officer would refrain from shooting a physically larger recognizable suspect in multiple officer murders who refused several orders to stop is simply asanine.

Policemen are functionaries in our civic life. They earn a salary for their work, just as you or I do. They aren't ipso facto heroes for the fact of being police officers, though on more occasions than with non-law enforcement their actions make them heroes. They aren't supermen or superwomen. But they do have the same right to return home to their families after a shift that any of you do, or that the writer of this smear campaign, Mr. Watterson, does. Pull a gun on an officer, or threaten their life and you might just get killed for doing so. The solution isn't slandering the police. It is obeying their lawful orders and contesting unlawful ones in the proper venue of a courtroom or police disciplinary investigation.
@73, so I make a post saying I keep my veteran status secret*, and you respond with rage that I am probably "demanding special treatment" for my veteran status? Yeah, sure, you don't have issues at all. The follow up post where you say in a lapse of judgement you have multiple veteran ex's - a solid indicator of someone without issues.
I"ve seem this gentelman Mr. Raub a lot , especially around the Value Village store in Capitol Hill, he's always there, he looks like a nice guy, very calm, HE IS NOT CRAZY. I did not know his story, maybe its true, maybe not, but who am I to judge him? I did not know He was Native too. His skin looks very damaged. I can tell something really bad happened to him in the past. But I honestly I dont think he's lying.
Surprise! Gary Raub is a murderer! http://www.wmtw.com/news/maine/central/A…
And now we find that he is accused of a 1976 brutal murder in Maine. Even more of a reason not to believe Raub's BS story about 'Nam and Cambodia. More likely just pickled from years of drinking
"We need more heart and less hurt". Tell that to the woman you stabbed nearly 30 times back in 1976. This man is a complete and utter scumbag. I am glad he will get to finally face punishment for his crimes.
comments are proof that cap hill is the home of imbeciles and the stranger is a stronghold of clueless dingbats
Interesting link above didn't work for me so:
This guy is already haunted; afraid. For his body --already so bereft of soul; hope-- to spend its days a ward of the state is a gift to him. He dies warm & fed behind bars. His (alleged) victim is still gone. So it goes.
This is how you post links:

So, let's rewite this story, omitting the lies. No POW, no Vietnam vet, no veteran at all. What's left? That he is Native and killed a white woman who had helped him. Doesn't quite pack the same punch, does it?
This is one freaky place. Anybody here work for a living? You know, work, as in felling trees, driving a towmotor, plumbing, stuff like that.
I read too much of your drivel. But since this started with the death of a guy named Williams, I wonder how he died. Where was the Native, toothless, gum chewer? Hmmmm. Maybe there's another case to be looked into, eh?
Well, Strangerites, it took two years to find that your story was a fairytale told by a murderer hiding in Seattle...
Hushmail offers a great servive. You create an email acct for free, use it to make cmts on crazy sites like this one, and then abandon the account. I was a prisoner in Thailand. Thailand? No, no, no. I meant Laos. Special Ops guy. That was 1953, I think. Very adnaced stuff. Most people don't know we had email back then. It was rough. I lost a nut in a free fall from 20,000 feet. No, it was 200 feet. Really rough. Landed on a chimp. It was horrible. His troop held me for days--no! weeks, yeah, that's it. Bastards! They kept me by putting a banana in a 400 lb. box and I was starving. So, I reached in through the small hole, grabbed the nana, but when I attempted to pull it out, my fist got stuck. Sly chimps they were! But I figured it out. Being a strong guy, one night I just carried the heavy box out of their camp with me! Good story, huh? Heck, it's about as good a piece of fantasy as your story.
So glad that this pig is off the streets. Too bad that Zachary Watterson didn't check any facts before posting this piece of crap story full of lies and emotional manipulation.

Irresponsible journalism, PERIOD.
How could Zachary help but believe this?: "One day, Raub said, he was working in a rice paddy, when he saw a sharp rock in the water. He fell to his knees and stuffed the rock down his throat, he said. That night he used the rock to cut open the bamboo cage and escaped."
How could Zachary not believe the story?

"One day, Raub said, he was working in a rice paddy, when he saw a sharp rock in the water. He fell to his knees and stuffed the rock down his throat, he said. That night he used the rock to cut open the bamboo cage and escaped."

Who would of known that Gary Sanford Raub is a story teller and a killer...his story of being a POW is just that a STORY and oh yeah the most important detail this reporter left out he is also a wanted murderer for an unsolved murder that took place in 1976...you can read the real story of Gary Sanford Raub at http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/H… . If this reporter actually checked out his facts before writing this peace like maybe doing background check...he would of known that Gary was nerver in the military...he never served in Vietnam...This article is just a Fairytale...This writer gave praise to a murderer...
Who would of known that Gary Sanford Raub is a story teller and a killer...his story of being a POW is just that a STORY and oh yeah the most important detail this reporter left out he is also a wanted murderer for an unsolved murder that took place in 1976...you can read the real story of Gary Sanford Raub at http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/H… . If this reporter actually checked out his facts before writing this peace like maybe doing background check...he would of known that Gary was nerver in the military...he never served in Vietnam...This article is just a Fairytale...This writer gave praise to a murderer...
Hate to burst bubble but this " pow" vet is actually a cold blooded murder!!
Looks like the Libtards that thought this asshole was legit not only had to eat their words but it looks like this scumbag finally is off to prison.


Unfortunately it came through a plea deal and not a trial.