I think we have different definitions of lovely
They should replace the outlet with a GFCI.
I think it looks great and I'd love to see some more photos!
Nice catch AE
How'd they affix it to the wall? And how do you protect it from water/stains once it is up?
Well, that's . . . different.
I had friends who did that once. They rented a warehouse in a rundown part of Denver (now close to the baseball stadium, but at the time it was kind of a warzone ruled by the homeless), and they found a stack of Denver Posts from the 30s and plastered one of their washrooms with them. I was always struck by the tone of the stories - one showed a photo of several young men, none older than 21 and all white, who had committed a string of robberies and had killed someone, so they were going to be executed. The caption, in part, said they all deserved it, too. That kind of editorializing in the midst of a news report is unheard of in MSM newspapers nowadays.

Chick A Boom
Chick A Boom

Don't You Just Love It?…

I don't get it; I can see the floors, but they shit on the walls too?
More comments!!! They're TOO FUNNY especially the GFI one!!
That takes me back to college when we would plaster the walls and doors of the stalls with Savage Love articles.
Love it...
@5 it's probably decoupage, which usually entails a few coats of varnish until it's stuck on there. If that's the case and there's a shower in there, it'll probably bubble up eventually. Which is probably the only hope of getting that stuff off there without replacing the drywall.

Whoa, they wrapped the mirror frame, too!

Would love to know the particulars on how-to, and see more photos!! This is the coolest use I've seen for the physical body of the Stranger (lol) since that fox collage that was wheatpasted to a wall somewhere.....

The bathroom walls at Stellar Pizza in Georgetown feature an awesome Drunk of The Week collage!
I knew a guy who had every issue of the Stranger in his apartment. He used it as a wall to separate the living room from the dining area. Then, he got married.

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