I'm not that much of a nerd. You'll tell us what happened afterwards, right?
@1: Yep.
Oh nice. You have to install Windows media player? fail.
CNN has it too.
Gosh, I can remember when we only had seven seats. Coolio. Now, let's hope they redistrict a Democrat.
It's actually our 10th seat in the HOUSE (…), which gives us 12 seats in Congress.
It's too bad that incumbency protection means that we'll probably still have the tip of Kitsap County in the 1st District (even though Bainbridge Island's Inslee is probably leaving his seat to run for Governor) and the Olympic Peninsula in the Tacoma-centered 6th District (to keep military pork king Norm Dicks in office with the help of Bremerton). As a geography nerd, I'd like my districts to be compact, contiguous, and each centered around a distinct urban area.

I'm curious what the cross-mountain district is going to be. The 2nd taking Chelan and Okanogan counties seems to make more sense than any other, but I suppose there's some way either the 8th or the 3rd or even the new 10th could cross the mountains, depending upon how they drew it. Eastern Washington's population is such that it can't all be accommodated in the 4th and 5th.
@7 is correct.

The electoral map will have more to do with where incumbents live than anything else.

@5 i wish.
We gain one seat, Iowa loses one seat.

Also: "The new population of the entire US of A is 308,745,538 people."

Not counting homeless people, of course.
If we assume 1000 homeless persons for every ~500,000 in every major city over 500,000... that would be at least another 57,000 people... Maybe as many as 100,000 more.

Seattle's last One Night Count in 2010 yielded 1,986 unsheltered people in the Seattle Metro area. (Not including Kent, North End, White Ctr, Federal Way, Renton, etc)

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