King has always been a complete lunatic. I remember him making the news a few times for his outrageous nonsense. Good luck getting rid of him: that district is ridiculous.…
As for the US Moslem community being "less than helpful", it's worth thinking back to the two would-be terrorists who were enticed/busted by FBI. Before the FBI went to the trouble of setting up the elaborate schemes, someone must have tipped the fbi off that these two were looking for trouble, and I'm going to guess the people who were in a position to know that was not themselves Christian.

What kind of assholes elect a stinking turdpie like this?
King's estimate is about fundamentalists. Glenn Beck's estimate was about terrorists. I don't think you meant it but by equating the two estimates you imply that Muslim fundamentalism and Muslim terrorism are the same thing.
Peter King's FB page is a riot. And I'm so sorry that my brother has to live in that idiot's district.…
Let's all go back and review the McCarthy Hearings and the original Manchurian Candidate film/book.
I would like to call for Congress to hold hearings next year on the radicalization of America's Irish communities. I believe Irish leaders have been less than helpful in combatting extremists in their ranks, and I'd like to find out why. I estimate that 80-85 percent of Irish pubs in this country are controlled by Irish fundamentalists.

Well, doesn't that look interesting when you put it that way. Probably true, too, at least in the 70s and 80s.

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