Lindy reviewed the movie made from the novel, plus young people using old tech is really cute, so I'll say her.
I see here that this "Judy Bridgewater cassette" is actually a disguised thumb drive sent out as a promotional item for a new film made from Kazuo Ishiguro's novel "Never Let Me Go". Bridgewater and her album are fictional. So it's gotta be film or books, Paul or Lindy?

Here, learn how to lockpick
So glad to finally get to spend some time alone together.
Who in the hell would want a desk like that? Which happens to look suspiciously like a hardwood floor? If that was my desk, well never mind this would never be my desk. Why? Because I would be bitching and complaining everytime I had to write or sign something and the pen punched a hole in the paper because of the slats or grooves or whatever you want to call them.
@5: The recorder was placed on the floor for clutter-free photo documentation. Also, we don't sign things at the Stranger.
@6, ah, a further clue -- a cluttered desk! It HAS to have been...a Stranger writer.
3- I was a locksmith. It's not as easy as watching an internet video.
And how would someone listen to a cassette without any tape in it?
@6, ah that esplains it. I wouldn't sign anything either, but it's my job and I get paid for it.
Have a little respect, Grant. That thing is a genuine antique! Threat it with care. I doubt you can even buy one of those things any more.
@11, the cassette Walkman was officially discontinued by Sony Japan just this October, but is still being manufactured in China for third world markets, including the USA.…
I drove by the Stranger office today and saw a locksmith headed thataway, what was the outcome of that?
I have a cheap cassette walkman that just celebrated its 19th birthday and guess what? it still works! Now, if only I had a few cassettes...

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