I doubt the assailant in the bar beatdown was a UW football player. The Huskies can't beat anyone.
"On Saturday, prosecutors in the Netherlands said they had arrested 12 Somalis suspected of plotting a terrorist attack."

6 of them are already released and cleared of charges.
also, there was no target known to the secret service, they also found no explosives or weapons during the searches.
Black sunday indeed!
Brissey lives! And bartenders everywhere take a sigh of relief!
Um Grant, you're starting to sound like a wussy puss. It's time for a change big boy, nothing wrong with using a different strategy. You can save these posts, I know you can. If anyone can do it it's you, were counting on you.
Teena Marie, a musician of dubious talent who had three minutes of fame 30 years ago, croaks - no-one knows how, no-one even knows where. But it's the top news story everywhere right now. This is how you know it's a slow news day.
Since when is the 18th of December Christmas?
So, what time frame are we working with for Officewatch? Is everyone else still at home until New Year's, or does Mr. Brissey have company again? Can we expect any photos of guess whose desk??
I wish the story wasn't how Jon Stewart is awesome, I wish the story was how we let so many fucking hypocritical, greedy bastards into Congress who would filibuster the Zadroga Bill in the first place. I think Stewart's declining to comment at the moment because he realizes all this praise of him is a distraction from the real story, the problem of why his actions were needed in the first place.
Most of the UW football team is in San Diego for the Holiday Bowl and they've been there for a bit.
5280, maybe it wasn't the singing talent that Rick James liked about her. They were pretty tight back then and that's probably how he liked it:).
That goes without saying. He was definitely a superfreak, alright.
@12, the Huskies arrived in San Diego on the 23rd. The assault took place on the 18th. That doesn't prove that your saintly Dawgs did it, but it doesn't give them an alibi either.

One thing is for sure: if they did attack that guy, the investigation will be stopped before it goes anywhere. Husky football players are immune from prosecution; always have been.
@12 the surf is good, apparently.
@17, all San Diego beaches have been closed this week, since the 20th, due to sewage contamination of storm runoff from the Tijuana River.

Is there NOTHING that you are not wrong about?

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