I think she said, "I'm here to introduce you the XWave".
Gotta disagree. The Scientologists who came up with Psychology with Sandy took spokesmodeling to a whole new level. Also, Johan Hodgeman and Justin Long? Glorified spokemodels.

(p.s. Sandy? Call me.)
You answered your own question: aspiring spokesmodels should become reality TV personalities.

(I thought they already had.)

Speaking of technology and chicks....Fry's in Renton.

Holy Moly -- the "Software" around that place is stunning.

And it's my favorite kind -- 4' 8" African-Latin-South Asian mixes...women who look great at 28, and know how to dress down to their eyeglasses.

Plus the other thing I found out about, is that if I buy something at Fry's and find it cheaper on Amazon -- I can just go there and I get a 110% discount -- I didn't even have to print out the deal, I just said "it's cheaper on Amazon" and they looked it up and gave me the refund!

Not that I didn't mind waiting around in all the panogynic scenery!
You mean they don't pay them when they're on reality TV?
Know who else got the shaft? Comptometer operators. 'Tis a shame.
nice roots, blondie.

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