Survey Finds Support in Seattle for Later Bar Hours, But McGinn's Path Remains Blocked in Olympia


Online surveys are stupid even when the results are agreeable.
It's a survey of people who already liked the idea enough to seek it out online, right? To help sway legislators it might help to have a non-self-selecting study too - the "Responsible Hospitality Institute" that was so helpful with all this so far is underwritten by the booze industry, so they can afford to hire a real polling firm if they have to.
But the internet is always right.
They're trying to hold Seattle hostage so they can pad their retirement plans with kickbacks for the Deeply Boring Tunnel.

Everything is personal, sadly. And Republicants are good at being hostage takers.
Now you Olympia's help Mayor McSlob? Maybe you shouldn't have been talking shit about everyone down there for the last 12 months. Moron.
Don't all the Class 'A' singles leave early anyway...late hours are for the Beer Goggles types.
People who are overly loud should be getting citations starting at 10 PM, which is when the noise regs start, and people who are threatening or starting fights should be carted off to jail at any time of day or night. A bar or a nightclub is a "public house", not an excuse to go apeshit in the street. Respectable drinking should be allowed later but troublemakers should be heavily stamped on.
@6 yeah, but who do you think is going to make all the workers of the world? Babies don't come from under cabbages.
Would it be possible for him to not pick fights with Olympia or other departments? Part of being a leader is being able to work with others, even if you dont like or support them.

Whats next? "Lets raise the speed limit in Seattle to 100mph!", or "Hay lets host a bigamy convention!".

He reminds me of Tim Eyeman, in that he doesnt fully understand the law and often gets bitchslapped by lawyers or higher authority.
I want longer drinking hours. But. Here's what the city could do, that doesn't need Olympia's approval, instead of extending drinking hours - they could require any serving establishment to stay open for at least 30 (or even better, 60) minutes past the time they last served a drink. 2AM doesn't have to be closing time, it's just when alcohol can't be served. There is no reason an establishment playing music has to close at 2. Keep playing music (or don't) and let the crowd filter out on their own. If I never hear rude bar staff screaming "It's 2AM, GET OUT" at a huge crowd of people who just grabbed another round at last call it'll be too soon. People forced out of a bar make bad decisions to drive, and the last drink hasn't even hit their system yet.
Polled? Polled?? No one was "polled". The data collected are from, apparently, some self-selected (and thus by definition) biased collection of apparent humans from apparent Seattle. The data is useful for something but not for taking the pulse o' the public on the referenced issue(s).
Or he could just have the SPD arrest anyone trying to drive towards a state highway "for safety" after 1:45 pm and do breathalyzer checks on them.

Less toll revenue for them, more SPD massive fines for us.

Two can play at this game.
Why don't we have a big barf-in at 4am and another at 5am? I hope that the contracts that the poop scoopers (human poop that is) have covers puke and bodies.

Closing at 2am or at least stopping alcohol service at 2am saves a lot of folks their jobs, marriages and lives. What's not to like?